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Doomsayers Have Arrived

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wowmini.pngCalamir, ToS LFR Wing 4, PTR Build, Netherlight Crucible Unlock, BG Bonus Event

Doomsayers Have Arrived!
The Doomsayers are back once again! This time they are hanging around Dalaran.

  • Citizens are in the bank, along with guards to maintain order
  • There are concerned citizens around the city, worried and wanting to know what is going on
  • The Validated Doomsayers are handing out pamphlets
  • Existing NPCs have new dialogue
  • You can still repeatedly die to reset the pamphlet cooldown timer


demonsComing01.jpg demonsComing02.jpg demonsComing03.jpg demonsComing04.jpg
demonsComing05.jpg demonsComing06.jpg demonsComing07.jpg demonsComing08.jpg
demonsComing09.jpg demonsComing10.jpg demonsComing11.jpg demonsComing12.jpg

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