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What is Being Removed in Battle for Azeroth

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What is Being Removed in Battle for Azeroth
With the launch of each new expansion there are certain items, achievements, and mounts which become unobtainable. Here is a quick rundown of things you might want to get done in the next couple of days!

Antorus the Burning Throne
A lot of the achievements being removed revolve around raiding. As always, with the launch of a new raid tier or new expansion, Ahead of the Curve for defeating the final boss on Heroic, and Cutting Edge for defeating Argus on Mythic are being removed.


The Antoran Charhound is remaining as is, but the Shackled Ur'zul that drops from Mythic Argus, and the Fiendish Hellfire Core that drops from Mythic Gul'dan will have its drop rate drastically reduced.

FiendishHellfireCore.jpg shackledurzul.jpg

It is believed that the Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal, which awards the Violet Spellwing mount, will no longer be obtainable after the launch of Battle for Azeroth. You can obtain this mount from defeating Heroic Argus the Unmaker and doing the quick quest Blood of a Titan from Blood of the Unmaker looted from the body.


Trial of Valor
The Chosen Achievement in the Trial of Valor is being removed, and along with it the title will no longer be obtainable. While this is one of the more difficult achievements to obtain, there are some weekly pug groups who can defeat it successfully. This achievement requires you to complete Mythic Trial of Valor without dying to any of the bosses with the Test of the Chosen buff. You receive a Mythic colored transmog appearance for the Trial of Valor transmogs on top of the title for completing this achievement.


In the Professions category, all of the First Aid achievements are being moved to the Legacy section. Because of the removal of this profession, it is very likely that all of the achievements that involve it will also be unobtainable. Most of these are currently easily obtainable, however the Field Medic might take some time to complete.


In PvP there are two large PvP instances as well as some transmog items being removed. The Legion Elite sets will no longer be obtainable after the last arena season ends. If your character did reach the needed arena rating, you will still be able to purchase the set later.


Strand of the Ancients and Ashran are also being retired along with all of their achievements. Some of these may see a return at a later date if the battlegrounds return in a special category of battlegrounds.

standoftheancients.jpg ashran.jpg

Artifact Appearance
Most Artifact appearances will remain available for collection after patch 8.0. Currently, the only appearance which needs to be completed before that is the base appearance of the Mage Tower Challenge. As long as the base appearance is unlocked prior to the prepatch you will still be able to obtain the different color of the weapon. In a recent post, Blizzard confirmed that towards the end of the expansion the Mage Tower will be permanently available to give players a chance to complete all of the ones that they desire to obtain.


challenge1.jpg challenge2.jpg

Brawler’s Guild
The Brawler’s Guild, along with the rewards and bosses, will likely be retiring for a set time when Battle for Azeroth launches. If you want to experience some interesting solo content, the Brawler’s Guild has some engaging challenges. After obtaining an invitation you can participate in your faction's capital city. The rewards will most likely be available again if the Brawler's Guild continues as it has in the past couple of expansions.


Things That Might be Harder in Battle For Azeroth
This section is dedicated to things that are not necessarily limited to Legion, but you will most likely have an easier time doing them before we move into the next expansion.

Long-Forgotten Hippogryph
Currently all realms are limited to their own realms shard, making it easier to collect all the crystals necessary to obtain the mount. Once the next patch hits, all realms will move to a Cross Realm Zone system, increasing the competition to obtain the mount.


Raiding and Dungeons
The Glory achievements for all of the Legion raids and dungeons will be much more difficult to complete once the new expansion launches. Even though at some point most of them will be soloable, some achievements require multiple players, and finding a group to complete them is much easier while we are still in Legion.

Glory achievement rewards:

Legion has fishing pools that are easier to do with a large groups of players. Conjurer Margoss has a fishing pool near Dalaran, and if you fish up enough Drowned Mana, you can purchase lures, bobbers, the Sting Ray Pup companion, and the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder mount.

The Fisherfriend of the Isles achievement is also quicker to complete in the current patch, because it requires players to fish up special items, similar to Conjurer Margoss, making farming the reputation in large groups much more efficient.


Talon's Vengeance
If you want to collect the Ivory Hawkstrider mount, you might want to start grinding the Talon's Vengeance reputation to obtain the Ivory Feather. This can be done by obtaining the Ivory Feather, which you can use in the Falcosaur and PvP World Quest areas to obtain Marks of Prey that increase your reputation with the faction.


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Sollte man die Haustierdingsbums auch noch vor Mittwoch eintauschen? Oder kommt die neue Währung erst mit BfA?

Wobei ... könnte man ja eh schon mal zur Sicherheit machen.

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Bis Mittwoch muss das erledigt sein. Dann werden die aktuellen umbenannt und sind nur noch für Legion WoD Content zu gebrauchen. Pets die man vermutlich eh bereits hat


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Ah ok, also Charms zum Twink schicken und dort gg die 25er Aufwertungen tauschen (die sind BoP, daher lieber Twink/Muli). Aber echt schade, dass die das jetzt schon alles patchen.

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btw: Die Honor-Token konnten tatsächlich noch eingelöst werden, wobei mein 10x1k Ehre waren dann doch eher ein Tropfen auf dem heißen Stein (führte glaube ich so gerade zu einem Level+1).

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