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Patch 8.0.1 - War of Thorns Quest Chain

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Patch 8.0.1 - War of Thorns Quest Chain
Spoilers ahead! The War of Thorns is the quest chain that leads up to the Burning of Burning of Teldrassil. This content may be broken up into multiple weeks.

  • The War of Thorns is a set of faction specific story quest lines that showcase the events leading up to the Burning of Teldrassil.
  • Sylvanas believes the key to the Horde’s survival is making sure that they gain as much Azerite as possible and keep it from the Alliance.
  • She wants to occupy Darnassus so they can’t use it as a hub to transport Azerite. The Night Elf army is currently in Silithus and so she wants to use this time to strike before they return.
  • If you are Alliance you will first be sent to Astranaar to defend it from Horde assassins. If you are Horde you are sent there to assassinate guards with the blood elf rogue Lorash.
  • The Horde is held back from advancing into Darkshore as Malfurion calls upon the wisps to create a wall.
  • Sylvanas theorizes that the wisps can be distracted by causing chaos in the forest. This allows the Horde to push through the barrier.
  • Sylvanas also has Saurfang take some troops and scale the mountains of Felwood to attack from the North.
  • Both factions fight for control at strategic points involving dealing with crazed furbolgs and fighting each other.
  • The Alliance and Horde then fight for control of the Azerite near the shoreline.
  • Sylvanas confronts Malfurion but he blinds her and flees There is then a stalemate at Wildbend River between the Darnassian forces and Horde army.
  • Both factions unlock the world quests in Darkshore after completing the quest chain up to this point. These world quests provide catch up gear, order hall resources, and gold.

darkshorewq01.jpg darkshorewq02.jpg

  • The Alliance heads to Darnassus to rally what little troops they have.
  • The Horde reunites with Saurfang in Lor’danel after the wisp wall is taken out.
  • The Horde takes out Alliance troops and Saurfang wants to spare as many civilians as possible.
  • Finally, both factions’ player characters approach Malfurion who is confronting Sylvanas directly. It looks like he has the upper hand until Saurfang strikes a blow from behind. The orc realizes what he did was not honorable, but Sylvanas tries to convince him otherwise. She leaves him to kill Malfurion and heads to Darnassus.
  • Tyrande flies in to rescue her husband and Saurfang says he doesn’t deserve to kill him as he struck without honor. She aims her bow at him, saying she will kill him if he tries to stop her from saving Malfurion, to which he tells her to take him and get far away from Darnassus.
  • She does so and leaves the Alliance character to go make sure the occupation of the city is tolerable. Meanwhile, Horde characters head back to the conquered Lor’danel.
  • There is a missing cutscene before Darnassus is in flames and the tree is burning. Horde characters talk to Sylvanas on the Darkshore coast who says she didn’t anticipate this, but it will cause the Alliance to retaliate.
  • Meanwhile, Alliance players head to Darnassus to help Mia Greymane, Genn’s wife, with the evacuation. Greymane comes through a Stormwind Portal to convince his wife to leave with as many as possible.
  • In the end, Alliance players return to Stormwind and Anduin confirms that peace can never be achieved with Sylvanas as warchief.
  • Alliance players are rewarded with the Smoldering Reins of the Teldrassil Hippogryph while the Horde receives the War-Torn Reins of the Undercity Plaguebat.

telhippogryph.jpg underplaguebat.jpg


teldrassilhorde01.jpg teldrassilhorde02.jpg teldrassilhorde03.jpg teldrassilhorde04.jpg teldrassilhorde05.jpg
teldrassilhorde06.jpg teldrassilhorde07.jpg teldrassilhorde08.jpg teldrassilhorde09.jpg teldrassilhorde10.jpg
teldrassilhorde11.jpg teldrassilhorde12.jpg teldrassilhorde13.jpg teldrassilhorde14.jpg teldrassilhorde15.jpg
teldrassilhorde16.jpg teldrassilhorde17.jpg teldrassilhorde18.jpg teldrassilhorde19.jpg teldrassilhorde20.jpg
teldrassilhorde21.jpg teldrassilhorde22.jpg teldrassilhorde23.jpg teldrassilhorde24.jpg teldrassilhorde25.jpg
teldrassilhorde26.jpg teldrassilhorde27.jpg teldrassilhorde28.jpg teldrassilhorde29.jpg teldrassilhorde30.jpg
teldrassilhorde31.jpg teldrassilhorde32.jpg teldrassilhorde33.jpg teldrassilhorde34.jpg teldrassilhorde35.jpg
teldrassilhorde36.jpg teldrassilhorde37.jpg teldrassilhorde38.jpg teldrassilhorde39.jpg teldrassilhorde40.jpg


teldrassilalliance01.jpg teldrassilalliance02.jpg teldrassilalliance03.jpg teldrassilalliance04.jpg teldrassilalliance05.jpg
teldrassilalliance06.jpg teldrassilalliance07.jpg teldrassilalliance08.jpg teldrassilalliance09.jpg teldrassilalliance10.jpg
teldrassilalliance11.jpg teldrassilalliance12.jpg teldrassilalliance13.jpg teldrassilalliance14.jpg teldrassilalliance15.jpg
teldrassilalliance16.jpg teldrassilalliance17.jpg teldrassilalliance18.jpg teldrassilalliance19.jpg teldrassilalliance20.jpg
teldrassilalliance21.jpg teldrassilalliance22.jpg teldrassilalliance23.jpg teldrassilalliance24.jpg teldrassilalliance25.jpg
teldrassilalliance26.jpg teldrassilalliance27.jpg teldrassilalliance28.jpg teldrassilalliance29.jpg teldrassilalliance30.jpg
teldrassilalliance31.jpg teldrassilalliance32.jpg teldrassilalliance33.jpg teldrassilalliance34.jpg teldrassilalliance35.jpg

Burning of Teldrassil Aftermath Updates
After the events of the Burning of Teldrassil, Darkshore has received a new sky box and a red tint with ash in the sky. Gilnean and Darnassian refuges are now found on the dock of Stormwind Harbor that previously had the ship which sailed to Darnassus. There is now a portal to Darkshore here and a boat to Boralus has taken the spot.

teldrassilburn001.jpg teldrassilburn002.jpg teldrassilburn003.jpg teldrassilburn004.jpg teldrassilburn005.jpg teldrassilburn006.jpg
stormharbbeta001.jpg stormharbbeta002.jpg stormharbbeta003.jpg stormharbbeta004.jpg stormharbbeta005.jpg stormharbbeta006.jpg

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Ist 8.0.1 jetzt ab Mittwoch live oder ist das noch einmal später (und jetzt erst mal nur 8.0.0)? Frage bzgl. der Mounts von der Questreihe (denn dann müsste ich um-moggen :gash:).

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