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Blizzard Gear Black Friday Sale, Dwarf Heritage Armor Quest Chain

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Blizzard Gear Black Friday Sale
Blizzard's Black Friday deals are ongoing at the Black Friday sales page on their shop. These deals run through November 30th with daily specials posted until the end of the month so keep checking back!


Blizzard games are also on sale for the next 3 days, including the Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition!


Dwarf Heritage Armor Quest Chain
The quest chain to unlock the Dwarf Heritage Armor is available for testing on the Patch 8.1 PTR. You need to be a level 120 Dwarf and exalted with Ironforge in order to initiate the quest.


Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
1 Cosmetic Head inv_helm_armor_dwarf_d_01.fe34e34297b5ffBronzebeard Helm
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Shoulders inv_shoulders_armor_dwarf_d_01.37aba140aBronzebeard Pauldrons
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Chest inv_chest_armor_dwarf_d_01.2aa7ea1e19ecdBronzebeard Tunic
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Waist inv_belt_armor_dwarf_d_01.72d0aadb930ea1Bronzebeard Cinch
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Legs inv_pants_armor_dwarf_d_01.d6352bb06d66dBronzebeard Leggings
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Feet inv_boots_armor_dwarf_d_01.d758691051f13Bronzebeard Stompers
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Wrists inv_bracer_armor_dwarf_d_01.9bebb4354393Bronzebeard Wristclamps
3dButton.png Modelviewer
1 Cosmetic Hands inv_glove_armor_dwarf_d_01.aa291fca87e82Bronzebeard Mitts
3dButton.png Modelviewer

  • Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Something Valuable, Perhaps? - The quest chain starts in front of the Stormwind Embassy and sends you to Dun Morough to investigate a care. You find a tablet and bring it to Brann Bronzebeard in Ironforge.
  • Ancient Armor, Ancient Mystery, Watch Your Back, Madoran's Study, and Shards of the Past - The tablet tells of the Bulwark of the Mountain King, ancient dwarven armor that you find out Madoran Bronzebeard wore in the past. You enter old Ironforge with Advisor Belgrum, take out some troggs, and enter Madoran's study to retrieve the shards of the armor.
  • Interest Yah in a Pint? - You then head to Loch Modan and speak with Grumnus Steelshaper to discover the armor can only be reforged if the Great Forge's flames are made hotter.
  • Recruiting the Furnace Master and Earthen Blessing - Brann mentions that Ulduar is being rebuilt and Ignis has been revived and sends you to recruit him. After helping Ignis destroy some fire elementals, the forge master agrees to help. You return to Loch Modan and learn from Bouldcrag the Rockshaper that you need to retrieve a piece of Magni's ritual so that your stoneform can withstand the flames.
  • Forging the Armor and Legacy of the Bronzebeard - After getting a piece of crystal from Magni's ritual in Old Ironforge you and the others assemble at the Great Forge and forge the Bulwark of the Mountain King. You then bring the armor to Muradin and the quest chain ends.

dwarfheritage01.jpg dwarfheritage02.jpg dwarfheritage03.jpg dwarfheritage04.jpg dwarfheritage05.jpg
dwarfheritage06.jpg dwarfheritage07.jpg dwarfheritage08.jpg dwarfheritage09.jpg dwarfheritage10.jpg
dwarfheritage11.jpg dwarfheritage12.jpg dwarfheritage13.jpg dwarfheritage14.jpg dwarfheritage15.jpg
dwarfheritage16.jpg dwarfheritage17.jpg dwarfheritage18.jpg dwarfheritage19.jpg dwarfheritage20.jpg
dwarfheritage21.jpg dwarfheritage22.jpg dwarfheritage23.jpg dwarfheritage24.jpg dwarfheritage25.jpg
dwarfheritage26.jpg dwarfheritage27.jpg dwarfheritage28.jpg dwarfheritage29.jpg dwarfheritage30.jpg

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