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  2. Future Transmog Update - Hide All Slots Except for Pants Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) They said in the Q&A that we will be getting a “Hide Chest” option soon! Once this change hits we will be able to hide cloaks, helms, belts, shoulders, chests, and shoes! (If you have Griftah’s authentic Troll shoes) So why not let us hide EVERYTHING! Okay! Done. Except for the pants. I spoke to the development team just now, and they are determined to make this a set of changes that give players ways to hide every slot. Except pants. We’ll let you know as soon as we have details on how that’s going to come about in a future update to the game. View the full article
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    Loot Trading in Classic

    Loot Trading in Classic Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) At BlizzCon 2018, we talked about how we plan to keep loot trading in World of Warcraft Classic. We added loot trading in Wrath of the Lich King to solve a common problem: a player could accidentally loot an item meant for another player or give it to the wrong person using Master Loot. They would then have to contact Blizzard to get the item moved to the intended recipient, which might take days. We wanted to keep loot trading in WoW Classic because the end result is the same – the correct person gets the item – and it’ll save everyone time. But we heard your concerns about the potential for abuse of the loot trading system in parties of five. It’s possible that abusive play could take the form of a group of four players colluding to deny loot to a stranger who joined their party as a pick-up. Raid groups, being much larger, come with more understanding on the part of solo players that loot distribution can depend on the whims of the many players and raid leaders who know each other. Taking that into consideration, we’ve decided that the two-hour loot trading system in WoW Classic will only apply to soulbound gear that drops in raids. Soulbound loot that drops in five-person content will not be tradeable at any time. What we hope to do is to strike a balance between saving players time and minimizing the potential for abuse of the system. We think this approach better addresses the concerns we’ve heard from players on the subject. View the full article
  4. Live Developer Q&A with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - March 21st, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Achievements The Dinner Impossible is now again possible to achieve in Arathi Basin. Allied Races Fixed an issue that prevented Kul Tiran characters from using the ferry system in Boralus if they skipped the Battle for Lordaeron scenario or used a Level 110 Character Boost. Brawler's Guild Players who purchase a Rumble Card should now be automatically added to the queue for the upcoming rumble. Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving credit for "Solving the Mystery" after killing a mystery boss. Fixed an issue that prevented Mindbreaker Gzzaj from dealing damage to Alliance players when casting Mind Break. Fixed a bug that prevented players from being awarded victory if a player defeated Ro-Shambo playing the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Classes Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator) Fixed an issue that allowed Light of the Protector’s global cooldown to be reduced more than intended by haste. Player versus Player Honor gained within Battle for Wintergrasp has been increased, putting it in line with other Epic Battlegrounds. The Ivory Feather can be used once again in battlegrounds to gain Marks of Prey. Quests Players will no longer be trapped in the combat phase for "The Darnassus Mission". Fixed a bug that caused spider NPCs to evade and prevent players from completing "The Council Has Spoken" View the full article
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  6. Live Developer Q&A with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas Ion Hazzikostas is sitting down for another question and answer session on Battle for Azeroth! RNG There are a lot more viable loot acquisitions in the game outside of raiding than in the past. The team is working on tech to make the mythic + cache at the end of the week less random. The team is actively trying to figure out how to lessen moments that feel bad without making everything a vendor. Gear Reset and Catch Up The team has experimented with many different ranges for item level increase between raid tiers and have found the current 15 item levels is the minimum that they can do to make the jump from tier to tier feel relevant. Fun and Enjoyment The team has no incentive to create content that is not fun just to pad subscription numbers. People tend to fixate on the Activitision investor lingo but this is not what the team focuses on when creating content. The team values how engaged the community is and how often they are logging in to do content. They want to create content based on feedback and community response. There are many different play styles and ways people enjoy the game. What works for some people doesn't always work for others. PvP Rewards Conquest rewards are not as high of an item level as raids and other harder content because it is a participation award just for engaging in PvP. Playing at higher levels of PvP offers more relevant rewards comparable to other harder content. Stat Importance Starting in Legion, the ratio of stats on gear shifted more to primary stats as you progress further into the end game. The team doesn't want secondary stats to be perfectly equal for classes so there is some decision making and enjoyment from seeing good stats on gear, but they want the gaps between secondary stat importance to be narrow. Portal Removal Feedback A Caverns of Time portal is being added to the portal hubs in the next update. A UI update in the next update will add pathfinding directions to quests that take place on other continents. Transmog The ability to hide the chest slot will be added in the next update. A long term project is to loosen some restrictions over time so players can have more self expression. Character Customization The team wants to increase customization options such as eye color in the near future. A height option is more complicated and most likely not happening. Allied Races There are no new Allied Races in Rise of Azshara. The team is listening to community feedback for what people want to play and will announce Allied races where it makes sense with the story. There could be the ability to repeat Allied Race quests in the future. Leveling Leveling needs help. 120 is a big number and giving a reward at every level would be overwhelming and impractical. The team has heavily discussed a level squish lately. They want community feedback on if losing levels would feel bad even if they could give more valuable rewards at every level in the leveling process. Classic and Old Design Philosophies The team wants to put the emphasis of community back into WoW. With that said, they also don't want to make people feel like they can't play without other people. Role Playing Servers in Classic There will be a role playing server option in Classic. Guilds and Communities Certain guild features were lost in the transition of integrating communities into the Battle.net platform. The team is working and listening to feedback to bring back what is missed most. Two Sides to Every Tale Achievement The team thought it would be a cool reward for people who saw both narratives. It isn't necessarily starting a trend to play both factions. Gold The team did not like what Warlords and Legion did to the economy and tried to pull back in BfA. They have reintroduced gold rewards after some changes in the beginning of the expansion such as the emissary rewards. The team wants repair and consumable costs to be easily done through normal game play. Selling runs for gold has been going on since the game launched. It is much healthier for it to happen with in game currency over sketchy methods. The team doesn't want the advertising of selling runs to dominate channels and group finder and have taken steps to try and stop it, but there is no way to stop it completely. Demon Hunter Server Restrictions No plans to remove the restrictions in BfA, but most likely in the future as they did with Death Knights. Raid Composition The team is pretty happy with the encounter designs in Battle for Dazar'alor. Ideally there will be some fights that are more friendly to ranged and in turn some that are friendlier to melee. Outliers are usually changed such as Mythrax and Mythic Fetid Devourer. Reputation in Dungeons It is unlikely that reputation will be awarded for just doing dungeons because it is mostly tied to the outdoor content. They don't want chaining dungeons to be the most practical method of obtaining reputation. In the past they had reputation in dungeons because of the limited amount of dailies. With world quests, there are more ways to earn rep now. Thal'kiel and Demonology Warlocks Other Legion artifact personalities could return in the future. Hati was an outlier because it was a beloved companion specific to hunters. Xal'atath was an interesting character and the team wanted to dive into her story more which is why she has returned. View the full article
  7. Trial of Style Season 4 Now Live - March 20 to March 24 The Trial of Style Season 4 runs from today until March 24th! There are 4 new transmog sets to earn in season 4, one for each armor type. They cost 60 Trial of Style Token each. Cloth - Ensemble: Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia Leather - Ensemble: Restless Dreambound Battlegear Mail - Ensemble: Chainmail of the Timeless Hunt Plate - Ensemble: Amaranthine Path Armor The Trial of Style Has Begun: How's Your Strut? Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Ladies and gentlemen of the Horde and Alliance, synchronize your wardrobes and prepare to do battle. The Trial of Style has arrived, and it’s time to put your transmogrification skills to the test. You’re Invited! When: March 20–March 24 Where: Queue for the 6-player scenario at your friendly neighborhood transmog NPC. What: Contestants will have two minutes to create transmog sets from items in their collection based on themes presented in the scenario. Two players at a time will be pulled up on stage to strike a pose and show off their creation—leaving the remaining four to vote on just who of the two has managed to capture the theme best. Collect All the Looks Collect all 12 Ensembles to keep adventuring in style. New! Ensemble: Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia New! Ensemble: Restless Dreambound Battlegear New! Ensemble: Chainmail of the Timeless Hunt New! Ensemble: Amaranthine Path Armor Ensemble: Mana-Etched Regalia Ensemble: Obsidian Prowler's Garb Ensemble: Der'izu Armor Ensemble: Righteous Battleplate Ensemble: Mindwrack Raiment Ensemble: Tundraspite Armor Ensemble: Crimson Sentinel Garb Ensemble: Goldspine Plate You can also use your Trial of Style Tokens on props to supplement your chosen Trial of Style ensemble. These props are consumable and will only appear when you’re on stage, but will last through the entirety of the competition. Vendor extraordinaire Nellie Voguesong sells shirts and tabards in the Trial of Style, just in case you forgot to bring one with you. Get a Little Help from Your Fans Need a little extra support while you’re on stage? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Purchase a reward Letter from an Admirer, which you can use to recruit a fashion aficianado to cheer you on during the competition. No peeking! It comes as no shock that you’ll be properly smocked before the competition begins. Strike a pose and do your little turn (on the catwalk; yeah, on the catwalk). Once the glitter settles and the votes are tallied, First Place, Second Place, and Third Place winners will be awarded. Don’t worry—even if you don’t win, there’s always the Trial of Style Consolation Prize. These prizes contain Trial of Style Tokens, which can be redeemed for special transmog gear in Dalaran. Fashion-conscious citizens of Azeroth can also take advantage of transmogrification and barbershop services for free during the Trial of Style. Even if you don’t participate, you can adjust your hairstyle and transmog for no gold cost while the event is active. Bring it! Crucible of Storms Drop Tuning Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) When Crucible of Storms was originally added to the 8.1.5 PTR a few weeks ago, we included full drop tables for both Restless Cabal and Uu’nat. We designed Crucible of Storms drops to be somewhat different than items that have been dropping thus far in Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor – this is a new chapter in the story that takes us to a different, stranger place. We’ve recently gone through those items and tuned them up to fit closer to expectations, and in most cases, to power up their bonus effects. Here are some examples of changes we’ve made since the items first hit the PTR: Fa'thuul's Floodguards Damage increased by ~25% Healing increased by ~25% Abyssal Speaker's Gauntlets Shield increased by ~200%Mindthief's Eldritch Clasp Health restored and consumed increased by ~35%Grips of Forsaken Sanity Damage increased by ~25%Legplates of Unbound Anguish Damage increased by ~25% We’ve been making these adjustments via hotfix to the PTR since Friday, and we don’t expect that you’re going to see them via datamining immediately, but know that these are intended changes, and hopefully they’re now quite close to final values. Tiger's Peak Temporarily Closing Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) In order to fix some issues with Tiger’s Peak, we’re removing it from the pool of Arena maps. This should take place during our next scheduled maintenance. We expect to re-open this Arena in a future update to the game. Dark Legacy Comics #672 DLC #672 has been released. View the full article
  8. Alterac Valley in Classic New In-Game Shop Toys - Transmorpher Beacon and Faction Fireworks Two new toys briefly appeared on the in-game shop today, priced at $10. The fireworks are faction themed and may be related to the previously announced WoW esports prize pool. Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment As both Arena and MDI grow, we want to give fans a chance to further support the programs—and have some fun along the way! Soon we will introduce two new in-game toys to our shop (details to follow). A portion of the sale of these toys will contribute to the prize pools for both WoW esports programs. These toys will go on sale in the spring. As the proceeds will contribute to the year’s final LAN event prize pools for AWC and MDI, those prize pools will be announced later this year. View the full article
  9. Alterac Valley in Classic Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) This is a subject that has been asked about several times recently, and we want to clarify some of the details surrounding it. Like many aspects of the game, Alterac Valley was tuned and adjusted in different ways from patch to patch in 2005-2006. First and foremost, we’re planning to use the 1.12 version of Alterac Valley. For many parts of the game like this, we’re picking an original WoW patch that gives us the most clarity for WoW: Classic, and 1.12 is that patch. In Alterac Valley, that puts us before the introduction of reinforcements. It puts us before the removal of all of the Commanders and Lieutenants. The only win conditions are the killing of Drek’thar in Frostwolf Keep or Vanndar Stormpike in Dun Baldar. It gives us several early improvements to the BG that we’re glad to have in place. Early on in AV, there were too many NPCs and they were too hard to kill. By 1.12, many had been removed and NPC health was brought down to a reasonable level. Turning in armor scraps is an encouraged, supportive activity by this point. Many capture points (mostly graveyards) had been moved away from their initial placements to gain better balance across the map. Korak the Bloodrager was removed, and killing opposing players no longer drops items like Dwarf Spines, Orc Teeth, or Human Bone Chips. Gross. In our content plan update, we mentioned that we’re still working out exactly how and when PvP elements of Classic will roll out. We’ll update you on that here very soon. View the full article
  10. Weekly Bonus Event - Battlegrounds Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) A new weekly quest and rewards are here—steel yourself for Battleground combat! Seven Days on the Battlegrounds All this week, heading to the Battlegrounds will net you some extra Honor along with bonus loot for completing this week’s quest. To enter the fray, open Group Finder (default hotkey: I) and then select the Player vs. Player tab. Next choose Casual, select Random Battlegrounds, and hit the Join Battle button—you’ll be matched up with other players and sent to one of the 11 battlegrounds. Weekly Quest Before you get started, your adventure guide has a quest for you. Win four random Battlegrounds, and you’ll be rewarded with 5 Marks of Honor and 750 Azerite Power. Battleground Buff This week you gain 50% more Honor in Battlegrounds. A New Event Every Week The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests. Hailstone Construct - Drustvar Battle for Azeroth World Boss The Hailstone Construct is this week's BfA world boss! Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer 355 Trinket Trinket Drust-Runed Icicle 355 Trinket Trinket Permafrost-Encrusted Heart 355 Cloth Legs Frostbreath Leggings Modelviewer 355 Cloth Feet Ice-Rimed Slippers Modelviewer 355 Leather Feet Ice Stalker Boots Modelviewer 355 Leather Wrists Chill's End Wristguards Modelviewer 355 Mail Chest Hailstone Hauberk Modelviewer 355 Mail Waist Freezing Tempest Waistguard Modelviewer 355 Plate Shoulders Ice-Carved Shoulderplates Modelviewer 355 Plate Waist Girdle of Biting Winds Modelviewer 355 Plate Hands Glacial Spike Gauntlets Modelviewer Island Expeditions for the Week of March 19th, 2019 The Island Expeditions for the week are: Dread Chain with Mogu Havenswood with Old Gods Whispering Reef with Murlocs Call to Arms: Stormsong Valley This week's Call to Arms is Call to Arms: Stormsong Valley or Call to Arms: Stormsong Valley. Head to Stormsong Valley with warmode enabled to kill 10 players of the opposing faction. This will reward you with conquest and 75 reputation for either 7th Legion or The Honorbound.View the full article
  11. Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - March 18, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Player versus Player Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving credit toward the Arathi Basin All-Star achievement when assaulting or defending flags. Professions Tailoring Fixed a bug that would cause Shade of Delormi to evade and prevent players from completing “If the Shoe Fits…” if a rogue Vanished. Fixed a bug that prevented players who don’t yet know how to fly in the Broken Isles from returning to the quest location during "If the Shoe Fits...". Quests Fixed a bug that caused players’ screens to turn black during “Mac’Aree, Jewel of Argus”. Fixed a bug that prevented players from completing “The Aeonian Artisan” if they had not unlocked Island Expeditions. The Mythic Dungeon International Time Trial Guide Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Proving Grounds for the Spring Season have concluded. Thousands of champions worldwide answered the call and have obtained access to the Tournament Realm, where the upcoming Time Trials will take place. Here’s what you need to know, dungeon-runners! Welcome to the Tournament Realm Players who successfully made it through the Proving Grounds will have their account flagged for access to the Tournament Realm in their region. These realms are completely separate from the normal servers—no progress or gear is shared between the two. On the Tournament Realms, players can create level 120 characters from both the Horde and Alliance factions which spawn automatically in Hook Point (for Alliance) or Mugambala (for Horde), with their Heart of Azeroth set to level 50. These iconic locations will look a little different than what players see on the live servers. Hook Point and Mugambala on the Tournament Realm resemble marketplaces, full of vendors that will provide players with the specific gear required for MDI—the best gear from dungeons and raids, all set to item level 415—as well as pots, flasks, gems, and enchants. All a mythic dungeon-runner could desire, sold at the bargain price of zero Gold. This is to ensure that all players in the MDI race will have access to all the things they feel is the best fit for their character and for their team’s overall composition and strategy. Players who made it through the Proving Grounds successfully will be sent an email containing the 2019 MDI Player Handbook, which will outline all of the above, and everything they need to know about competing in the upcoming Spring season. Schedule Time Trials for MDI take place during a 72-hour window on the Tournament Realm. The first Time Trial window begins Saturday, March 23 at 7 a.m. PDT for MDI West (North America, Latin America, and Europe), and Saturday, March 30 at 7 a.m. CST for MDI East (China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Australia/New Zealand). When this time window begins, players on the tournament realm will receive a quest with three Blizzard account-bound keystones from this Turnip, found in Hook Point (Alliance) or Mugambala (Horde). These keystones will allow teams to make five attempts at each dungeon in the three-dungeon pool. Players will be informed of the dungeons and affixes 48 hours before the Time Trial begins, which will run every week of the Spring Season, alternating each week between East and West. Each week will feature different dungeons and affixes to keep players on their toes - this element of mystery will ensure fresh challenges and more chances for teams to make the top 8 every week! The MDI Spring Season has Sprung! After each Time Trial, we will determine the top 8 teams for each region. The races between these teams will be broadcast live on Twitch each Saturday and Sunday throughout the season. Stay tuned to worldofwarcraft.com/esports and follow us on Twitter @Warcraft for the upcoming Mythic Dungeon International Viewers’ Guide and all things World of Warcraft esports. View the full article
  12. Welcome Back Weekend - Return Free From March 21 through March 24 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Battle for Azeroth™ is in full swing, and everyone is needed on the front lines. This weekend, we’re upgrading all inactive World of Warcraft accounts, granting returning players full access to the game* and all their characters—including;the Battle for Azeroth trial experience, for those who don’t own the latest expansion—through March 24. Spread the Word! As the war in Azeroth rages on, the champions of the Horde and the Alliance look to their in-game friends for help. Whether it’s levelling up for experience, gearing up for combat, or mounting up to see the world, World of Warcraft is always best enjoyed in groups, however big or small. If you have guildmates, friends, or family who haven’t been in Azeroth for a while, let them know they can play for free this weekend. Need Help Logging Back In? Download the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app Launch the app and log in to your account. Recover your account information. General login troubleshooting Within the app, click on the World of Warcraft tab, then either Install or Update. Latest system requirements When the installation or update is complete, click Play. Play free through March 24, 2019! Save on World of Warcraft ® and 30% off Select Game Services If you’re a returning player, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our current sales. We’re offering 30% off select game services** and $20 off World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth or the World of Warcraft Complete Collection. Character Transfer Faction Change Race Change Learn more about the Welcome Back Weekend and game services sale. *Offer available through March 24, 2019. Player is responsible for any online connection fees. Game access will be granted at the last expansion purchased or World of Warcraft®: Legion®, whichever is greater. The Battle for Azeroth trial experience ends after three hours of game play in Battle for Azeroth, or after the quest "We Need Each Other" (for Horde) or "A Nation Divided" (for Alliance), whichever comes first. Players can repeat the trial experience with up to 12 characters per qualifying account during the welcome back weekend. **Sale does not include Guild Services, WoW Token, Character Boost, Pets, Mounts or Transmog items. View the full article
  13. Live Developer Q&A Thursday - Ask Questions Here Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Join us live on Twitch on Thursday, March 21 as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A, where he’ll be answering your Battle for Azeroth questions. Submit your questions by posting here in this forum thread or via Twitter using the hashtag #WarcraftQA. We’re looking forward to getting the chance to dive in and answer as much as we can; we hope to see you Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PDT! March 18, 2019 7:00 PM (Europe: Paris), March 18, 2019 10:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) View the full article
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  16. Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - March 15, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Allied Races Regeneratin' is no longer interrupted by Stagger damage. Fixed a bug that caused male Zandalari trolls to get stuck while walking up stairs. Race or faction changing a Druid to Kul Tiran or Zandalari will no longer remove your Cenarion Circle reputation. Fixed a bug that prevented players who completed the Zandalari Troll unlock questline from accepting “Discreet Discussions.” Fixed a bug that caused Zandalari Druids in Moonkin form to miniaturize their mounts if they shapeshifted into another form. Fixed an issue that prevented players from turning in quests to Queen Talanji after completing the Zandalari unlock quest line. Fixed an issue that caused boosted characters to be incorrectly phased when trying to complete “The Battle for Broken Shore.” Brawler’s Guild Fixed a bug that prevented the Penguin Stampede brawl from starting. Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving the Brawler title after earning the Brawler for Azeroth achievement. Fixed an issue that prevented some players from being able to start the Brawler’s Guild trial if another player started the trial when they were in the same queue. Rumbles will no longer be included in Random brawls. Too hard, no fun. Classes Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator) Assassination Fixed an issue that allowed Rogues to remain in stealth if they cast Fan of Knives but did not strike a target. Fixed an issue that caused Fan of Knives to generate a combo point when no targets were hit by the ability. Player versus Player Fixed a bug that caused building health displayed to fluctuate randomly in Wintergrasp. Arathi Basin wins will again count toward the Arathi Basin Veteran achievement. Items The Horde and Alliance Gladiator Quartermasters have restocked their Saltwater Potions and Glider Kits supplies. Fixed a bug that caused the Boodsoaked Skullforge Reaver heirloom to require a Battle-Hardened Heirloom Armor Casing to scale to level 120. The Champion's Salute toy has returned from some much-needed rest and relaxation and is ready to impress onlookers once more. Quests Paxton has been given a leg up so players can complete “Getting a Leg Up” Hungering Plaguehounds can be fed once again during "An Undead's Best Friend." Players who became stuck after closing all the rifts on Seam Stress should be able to log out and back in to continue “Saving Nine”. The “Calligraphy” Tortollan quest givers are now more understanding of your misteps. You do you, boo. Un'Goro Madness Un'Goro Madness allows players to defeat group bosses in Un'Goro Crater to obtain temporary buffs from Dino Mojo. Open your map to see the locations of the bosses that are currently up. Adaptation - Become strong, like a dinosaur. Sharp Claws - Damage increased by 3% Bony Carapace - Damage taken decreased by ?% Lightning Speed - Movement speed increased by 3% Massive - Size increased by 4% The buffs listed above stack up to 20 times. Afterwards, you gain stacks of: Awesome - Awesomeness increased by 10% This buff persists through death and lasts for 3 days. Azsharan Medallion Quest The Xal'atath quest line won't appear for a while. Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) So now that 8.1.5 is live I went straight to the first Naga invasion and killed like a million of em and no medallion, is the quest live? Anyone know the drop rate? Even Wowhead doesn’t have much to say on this. Anyone?!!! I really want the Xal Atath chain to unlock my gift of N’Zoth Confirmed – the beginnings of this questline will start appearing closer to the opening of the Crucible of Storms raid in April. View the full article
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  21. Kul Tiran Human Allied Race Unlock Quest The quest Made in Kul Tiras starts at the Stormwind Embassy. Jaina wants you to meet her in the Harbormaster's Office of Boralus to discuss finding a shipwright, Dorian Atwater, to build Anduin a ship. Cyrus believes Dorian retired to Stormsong Valley and has you meet him in Brennadam to find out the location from the talkative locals. You discover they are somewhere in the Deadwash and Cyrus leaves to let Jaina know what you have discovered. When you discover the house, you question the man outside only to find out that Dorian is his wife. She agrees to come out of retirement to fulfill Jaina's request. You help her saddle up Hurricane, her horse, and meet her at Port Fogtide. There, she has you kill 12 drowned forces and place 3 fog wards to set the location for her slip, and then requests to meet you at Algerson Lumber Yard in Tiragarde Sound to get lumber for the construction. You collect the lumber and bring it up the hill only to find that it is haunted. Dorian has you seek out Chelsea Wright and Thornspeaker Birchgrove in Drustvar. Birchgrove has you kill enemies to charge a vessel with Drust magic. You then take it to Ulfar and help him cleanse it. Meanwhile, Chelsea loses her storage key to a wicker beast and you have to chase it, get the key back once it stops in a cave, and eventually collect its suspiciously dog-friendly belongings. You find out the beast is actually her deceased dog, and use the key to get what you need. If you did both quests, an air elemental appears and sends you back to Port Fogtide to meet Dorian. The ship is complete, but now it needs a crew. Jaina arrives to inspect it, and says she has the perfect captain in mind, her brother Tandred. Tandred wants you to recruit Brother Pike, Lt. Tarenfold, and the outriggers as his crew. Once you collect them, you meet back at Port Fogtide and Tandred convinces Dorian to be the last crew member. All that is left is to name it. You are given the choice, and the options are: Dawnstrider Tiffin's Melody Lionheart Anduin's Wrath Your choice strictly affects what the NPCs call the ship, nothing else. Brother Pike then blesses the ship and you present it to Anduin, who is moved by the gift. Finishing this quest unlocks the Kul Tian allied race, the Allied Races: Kul Tiran, and Kul Tiran Charger. Zandalari Troll Allied Race Unlock Quest The quest A Royal Occasion starts in the Orgrimmar Embassy. Rokhan wants you to pay a visit to the Zandalari emissary in the Great Seal. The emissary tells you that Princess Talanji is about to undergo the ritual of kings and queens at Zacalo and has requested you at her side. Once there, you join Talanji's procession to the temple as crowds gather. Some support her rise to queen while others call her cursed and Bwonsamdi's puppet. Before the ritual can begin, Zolani rushes in saying a riot has broken out. You are tasked with quelling the masses and stopping the instigator, Enforcer Malzon, before returning to Talanji. Talanji understands and respects the people's anger. She wants you to rescue bystanders and subdue more angered devoted. You then meet Talanji's new council, which consists of Wardruid Loti, Lashk the Tortollan, Jo'nok, General Rakera, and Hexlord Raal. Again, the ritual is delayed by a priestess of Shadra, Samara, who taunts Talanji and attacks with spiders. You must survive the attack and kill Samara to head up to start the ritual with the Loa. The first Loa is Krag'wa, who wants Talanji to prove that she would give her life to defend her people. You are turned into a firefly and must avoid frogs while Talanji protects you. Next is Gonk, who tells Talanji to consider who is part of her pack. Is it more than the Zandalari? Does it include the Vulpera, Tortollan, and Horde? She receives his blessing soon after. Pa'ku is next, who gives Talanji her blessing after you dodge tornados up a set of stairs. Finally, you reach Bwonsamdi, who has taken the highest position of the Loa. Talanji wants him to test her and be done with it, and he says that he will free her from her father's bargain if she brings him the head of Sylvanas, to which she declines. Bwonsamdi is disappointed, but accepts her answer. Talanji is now officially made queen and gives a stirring speech to the crowd below. Vol'jin's spirit can be seen watching for a few moments before bowing and fading away. Talanji summons Sylvanas to her throne to discuss the Zandalari joining the Horde, and says that they will stand as equals. Sylvanas questions this statement, but welcomes them anyway. Completing this quest unlocks the Zandalari Troll allied race, the Allied Races: Zandalari Troll achievement, and Zandalari Direhorn. Hearthstone Expansion - Rise of Shadows Announced Blizzard has announced Rise of Shadows, Hearthstone's next expansion! The expansion adds the twinspell mechanic, scheme cards, and lackeys. Check out Hearthpwn's post for more information! New Battle.net Avatars Nine new avatars have been added to Battle.net. Dark Legacy Comics #671 DLC #671 has been released. View the full article
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    Axo left Mokrah Toktok

    Mar 15, 2019 Axo left Mokrah ToktokView the full article
  23. Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - March 13, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Allied Races Players attempting to complete the Mag'har and Zandalari Troll Allied Race unlocks at the same time are now able to speak to Oculeth in the Great Seal. Kul Tiran Druids and Shamans are now able to complete quests in Northshire Abbey. Fixed an issue that caused the stun component of Kul Tirans’ Haymaker to ignore diminishing returns and effects that reduce the duration of stuns. Zandalari Troll Mages now benefit from Embrace of Paku. Classes Corrected issues with balance updates from Tides of Vengeance that were missing from this week’s update, including a Marksmanship Hunter damage increase and changes to the Equipoise and Replicating Shadows Azerite Traits. Dungeons and Raids Fixed issues with this week’s update that caused several bosses in previous expansion content to behave in unexpected ways. Island Expeditions Fixed a bug preventing players from entering portals spawned during invasions. Items Fixed an issue with items such as Monel-Hardened Shield that caused them to be unequippable. Fixed a bug that caused Incandescent Sliver to have too little Mastery, and fixed an issue preventing the sliver from working as intended near an ally in the outdoor world. Heart of Azeroth Shaman Roiling Storm will no longer grant you Stormbringer while out of combat and can no longer trigger Stormbringer in less than 20-second intervals. It will now grant you Stormbringer as soon as you enter combat. Developers’ notes: Our intention is for this trait to provide the same combat effectiveness, but to avoid putting a spell visual on your screen everywhere you go. Professions Jewelcrafting On “Atal’Dazar: Not All That Glitters…”, Alliance players should now be able to go to Atal'Dazar and collect an Eye of Dazar on non-Mythic Keystone difficulties. Engineering Fixed a bug preventing players from looting a Miniaturized Power Core if they have killed P4-N73R4 or Sabertron prior to completing the Tools of the Trade questline. Quests Fixed a bug preventing players from being able to click on the console to complete "Bonds of Thunder". Flynn Fairwind should again drunkenly move along as expected during "Lovesick and Lost". Fixed an issue where players who abandoned "Homeward Bound" could have difficulty re-accepting it. An Image of Mimiron just outside Ulduar now also offers the quest. Players can no longer access "Paid in Blood" while in the pre-wound version of Silithus. Fixed a bug preventing players from targeting Ritssyn while "Rebuilding the Council". System Fixed an issue causing lag for players using some Azerite Traits during some raid encounters. World Quests Players doing “Wet Work” will no longer be able to receive the Infiltrating buff from NPCs if they are in combat. Horde players can no longer take control of Krag'wa the Huge and attack Alliance players in Nazmir. “Saving Xibala” is now visible on the Zuldazar map. Found some missing Trolls that were left behind during Rally the Rastari after "No Troll Left Behind" was completed. They were returned to the rally. View the full article
  24. Patch 8.1.5 Recap Patch 8.1.5 - Proudmoore Cinematic Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - March 12, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Dungeons and Raids Battle of Dazar’alor Lady Jaina Proudmoore Jaina’s health reduced by 5% on all difficulties. Jaina’s Tide Elemental health reduced by 35% on Mythic difficulty. Jaina’s Chilling Touch damage reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty. Textures and Animations Fixed several visual issues such as missing targeting reticles and Hunters’ Barrage, which again has its intended visual. System Applied updates to improve realm performance, which are rolling out over a period of a few hours. No downtime is expected. We continue to monitor latency as these updates are applied. Blue Posts Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Missing Hotfixes Not to worry! Several changes that were made in the Tides of Vengeance update in December got misplaced with today’s update. We’re working on a hotfix that will carry them back into the live game. This includes a damage increase for Marksmanship Hunters, as well as Equipoise and Replicating Shadows. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Action Bar Paging Change The Key Bindings for selecting a specific action bar page (shift+1-6), paging forward (shift+mousewheel up), and paging backward (shift+mousewheel down) have been reset. These can be re-bound in the Action Bar section of the Key Bindings menu. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) View the full article
  25. Patch 8.1.5 - Jaina Encounter Hotfixes It appears that the Jaina encounter has had health reduced by 5% and Mythic Chilling Touch damage reduced by 10%. New Graphics APIs in 8.1.5 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker) In 8.1.5, we are making some improvements to how World of Warcraft uses DirectX. In essence, our old DirectX 11 is now called DirectX 11 Legacy, and our new DirectX 11 is multi-threaded. More details on each DirectX version is below: DirectX 11 Legacy A single-threaded rendering backend. This is provided to be the most compatible with older hardware, operating systems, and drivers. This is also the least performant. This is very similar to the functionality of DirectX 11 in 8.0.1. DirectX 11 A new multi-threaded rendering backend using DirectX 11. This should improve performance for older GPUs or operating systems that don’t support DirectX 12. This is new for 8.1.5. DirectX 12 A multi-threaded rendering backend using DirectX 12 for hardware, drivers, and operating systems that support it. There are some performance improvements in 8.1.5, but it is mainly the same as the 8.1.0 release.1 Reply1 World of Warcraft Supports DirectX 12 on Windows 7 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) After we saw the performance gains of using multi-threaded rendering in DirectX 12 for the initial Tides of Vengeance update, we worked together with Microsoft and our hardware vendors to bring similar performance gains to our Windows 7 users. We are pleased to announce that with today’s content update, World of Warcraft will now support DirectX 12 on Windows 7. This allows our Windows 7 users to take advantage of the performance benefit of using DirectX 12, which was previously only available to our Windows 10 users. Windows 7 users will need to make sure they have the latest graphics drivers to use DirectX 12. If your GPU supports DirectX 12 on Windows 7, you may enable it by selecting it in the Advanced System settings, under "Graphics API". DirectX Developer Blog View the full article
  26. Patch 8.1.5 - Proudmoore Cinematic The War Campaign continues in Patch 8.1.5, with a Proudmoore family reunion. Spoilers in the video! View the full article
  27. US Maintenance: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (PDT) Patch 8.1.5 - Live This Week! Patch 8.1.5 - Tides of Vengeance Part 3 is live this week! Official Patch Notes - Read the official patch notes for Patch 8.1.5. Kul Tiran Human and Zandalari Troll Allied Races - Two New Allied Races! War Campaign Continues - New quests for both factions' war campaigns! New Story Quests - Two new story quest chains! Xal'atath Quest Chain - Intro quest for Crucible of Storms Warlords of Draenor Timewalking - Warlords of Draenor Timewalking added to the rotation. Professions - Tools of the Trade Quests - New quest chains and rewards for professions. Brawler's Guild Returns - New additions and quest for Brawler's Guild New Raiding with Leashes Pet Achievement - New pet collection achievement. New Micro Holidays - Free T-Shirt Day and Luminous Luminaries - Two new micro holidays! New Main Hub Portal Rooms - New portal rooms in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Island Expedition BoA Gear Tokens - Purchase gear upgrades for leveling alts. Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch Remastered - Visual updates for battlegrounds. New Brawl - Comp Stomp - Battle AI opponents in Arathi Basin Hati Returns with New Customization - Hunters can do a quest to tame Hati again! Heirloom Upgrades and Cost - Upgrade your heirlooms to 120. Darkmoon Faire Additions - Roller Coaster and Fish heads added! Other Changes - Wintergrasp Epic Battleground, 50 character server limit, and Naga World Quest New Mounts - Several new mounts are available. Music and Voice Overs - new music and VO. Maps, Icons, and Loading Screens - new maps, icons, and loading screens. What is Not Coming This Week? The Crucible of Storms - New two boss raid! April 16, 2019 - Normal/Heroic April 23, 2019 - Mythic/Raid Finder Official Survival Guide Official Patch Notes Kul Tiran Human and Zandalari Troll Allied Races Now Available to Unlock The long awaited Kul Tiran and Zandalari allied races can now be unlocked if you meet the requirements and complete the unlock quests. Find out more by clicking the banners! War Campaign Continues Both the Horde and Alliance can continue their war campaign stories in Patch 8.1.5! Click below to find out how the stories play out! Two New Story Quests 8.1.5 adds in two other story quests for players. One sheds light on the fate of two characters from the Before the Storm novel, culminating in the battle pet reward Feathers. There is a new quest chain involving Magni, Brann, and MOTHER in Patch 8.1.5 that provides a 10 item level increase to your Heart of Azeroth. Xal'atath Quest Chain At some point after the patch launches, players will be able to loot Azsharan Medallion from Naga during the world quest Naga Attack! around the two continents. This starts a quest chain that serves as an intro to the Crucible of Storms in which the player accidentally empowers Xal'atath and gives her physical form, culminating in the player's first interaction with N'zoth! Warlords of Draenor Timewalking Warlords of Draenor Timewalking is being added to the weekly event cycle. Two new mounts, Beastlord's Irontusk and Beastlord's Warwolf, can be earned for 5,000 Timewarped Badge each. Professions - Tools of the Trade Quests Players can take part in unique quest lines for the Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring professions to earn a new Tool of the Trade that complements their craft. To get started on your profession quest line, you’ll need to have reached level 120 and be at skill level 150 (Kul Tiran or Zandalari) in your chosen crafting profession. Brawler's Guild Returns The Brawler's Guild has been updated for Battle for Azeroth, introducing revised tier progression, bosses, rewards, and a new quest chain! New Raiding with Leashes Pet Achievement Pet enthusiasts can now start earning the next raiding with leashes achievement, Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria, this time for rare pets collected from Pandaria raids. Collecting all of these pets earns you Happiness, which teaches Happiness. New Micro Holidays - Free T-Shirt Day and Luminous Luminaries Two new micro holidays have been added to the calendar! Children's Week will also be updated this year with Zandalari and Kul Tiran orphan quests. New Main Hub Portal Rooms Stormwind and Orgrimmar have received new rooms devoted entirely to portals. WoW subreddit user TheYamagato put together a nice guide detailing how to get around in Azeroth with the portal changes. Some portals were removed: Caverns of Time Dalaran Crater Karazhan Wyrmrest Temple Vale of Eternal Blossoms Hellfire Peninsula Island Expedition BoA Gear Tokens The Seafarer's Dubloon vendors now sell several bind on account gear tokens for 20 x Seafarer's Dubloons each. These can be used or mailed to alts that are Level 111+. These work much like the gear tokens from Tanaan Jungle and Argus, providing a piece of gear appropriate for the level of the character that utilizes it. The item level starts at 214 for level 111's and increases up to 282 for a level 120. The tokens can proc higher item levels, much like previous iterations. Island Expedition Bracers Island Expedition Boots Island Expedition Gloves Island Expedition Legwear Island Expedition Belt Island Expedition Cloak Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch Remastered Both Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch have received visual upgrades in this patch! Arathi Basin Warsong Gulch New Brawl - Comp Stomp In addition to the visual updates, a new brawl is coming that pits players against the smart AI from Island Expeditions in Arathi Basin! Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Head into Arathi Basin for a head-to-head battle against AI opponents. This new Brawl will be available March 20. Use the Group Finder tool (hotkey “I”) in the Player vs. Player tab to take part. Hati Returns with New Customization Hunters will be reuniting with their favorite wolf from Legion in Patch 8.1.5. On top of this, Hati is receiving a plethora of different customization items! Level 120 hunters can start the quest chain by heading to Trueshot Lodge and talking to the Image of Mimiron. You can do the quest on any spec, but Hati is only usable by Beast Master hunters. The quest involves you working with Mirmiron, Grif Wildheart, and Thorim to reconnect with Hati's essence. You will travel to locations such as Storm Peaks, Siluthus, and Ulduar. Once completed, you will be able to tame 6 different variations of Hati (the original 5 models from Legion and one new color) The PTR did not limit you on which models you could tame based on what you unlocked in Legion, so it seems that any hunter who completes the quest gets access to all of them. After completing the quest, you also have access to certain items that benefit Hati, such as making him into a mount! Charged Sparkstone - Use: Bring out the latent power in Hati's lightning, visually enhancing Hati's abilities. (60 sec cooldown) Ironspine Protocol - Use: Enhance Hati's size and constitution, allowing mounting. (60 sec cooldown) Jolt Jerky - Use: Feed Hati a special treat, healing a small amount of damage. Sometimes, Hati may become too excited and viciously lick your face, dealing Nature damage. (60 sec cooldown) Rubber Ball - Use: Throw the ball for Hati. (60 sec cooldown) Voltweave Fez - Use: Give the fez to Hati. (60 sec cooldown) Cycle of Life Tortollan Quest An interesting new world quest has been added to the Tortollan lineup called the Cycle of Life. It takes place with Scrollsage Nola and can spawn anywhere that the baby turtle quest Beachhead resides. This quest is very different from helping baby turtles to the water. Upon reaching it, Nola will tell you "These tiny crabs need help! I hate to see any living things suffer. Would you be willing to lend a hand?" You then take control of a crab and must move left or right in order to block baby turtles from reaching the water whilst avoiding the orb attacks from Scroll of Blasting. After blocking a baby turtle, its shell will appear on your head and you can use Throw Turtle Shell to take out any baby turtles in a line up the beach. The quest ends when you block 20 baby turtles from the water. Nola exclaims "All creatures in nature must live together in balance. But I can't help cheering for the little turtles!" Heirloom Upgrades and Cost Patch 8.1.5 will allow you to purchase items from the heirloom vendor to upgrade your heirlooms to scale up to level 120. Battle-Hardened Heirloom Scabbard - Use: Upgrade an heirloom weapon allowing it to increase in power up to level 120. Only works on heirlooms that scale to level 110. Costs 7,500 gold each Battle-Hardened Heirloom Armor Casing - Use: Upgrade an heirloom armor, trinket, shield or off-hand allowing it to increase in power up to level 120. Only works on heirlooms that scale to level 110. Costs 5,000 gold each In addition, all heirloom items have had their gold costs lowered: Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) In the most-recent new build on the PTR (that was deployed yesterday), the prices of the upgrade tokens were adjusted. They should now be: Tier - Armor / Weapon Tier 90 - 500g / 750g Tier 100 - 1000g / 1500g Tier 110 - 2000g / 3000g Tier 120 - 5000g / 7500g Darkmoon Faire Roller Coaster The Darkmoon Faire Roller Coaster functions much like the carousel, giving you the WHEE! buff after riding it. It costs one Darkmoon Ride Ticket. Darkmoon Faire Severed Fish Heads Vanion discovered that Severed Fish Heads can be fished up from the waters around the Darkmoon Faire. There are two types of fish heads, Severed Crimsonscale Head and Severed Azurefin Head. They last for one day in your bags and when clicked provide a 60 minute buff that places the fish head on your character! The tooltip reads "Something strange is happening in the waters surrounding Darkmoon Island..." perhaps hinting at the speculated relationship between the Darkmoon Faire and Old Gods. In the Warbringers: Azshara cinematic, N'zoth first appears to Azshara as a fish. Other Changes You can now create up to 50 characters per server. There is still a limit of 50 characters per account, however. A new elite world quest, Naga Attack! can spawn in any of the 6 BfA zones. Wintergrasp has returned to the game as an Epic Battleground. Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Brace yourself for the return of the cold bite of Wintergrasp where you’ll compete against the enemy faction in a massive 40-player battleground. For the first week of this content update, Wintergrasp is featured as a Brawl. Thereafter, you’ll find Wintergrasp in the Epic Battleground selection in Group Finder (default hotkey: i). Companion App Updates Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment The Companion App has been updated to include a new calendar feature, social feature, and updated support for new World Quests so you can keep on top of everything going on in Azeroth wherever you go. New Mounts Patch 8.1.5 adds eight new mounts. New Music Patch 8.1.5 added some new music! New Voice Overs There are some interesting lines in the latest VO. You can hear all of the Xal'atath lines in the initial Patch 8.1.5 VO. New Maps New Icons New Loading Screens Coming Soon - Crucible of Storms Raid The Crucible of Storms raid will be a two boss raid that continues the story of Azshara and the Old God influences in Battle for Azeroth. This raid also has a series of quests related to Xal'atath. Normal/Heroic open on April 16, 2019 Mythic/Raid Finder to begin a week later on April 23. This is a two boss raid Restless Cabal Uu'nat View the full article
  28. Patch 8.1.5 - Brawler's Guild Updates Patch 8.1.5 updates the Brawler's Guild for the latest expansion. Enemies of the opposite faction in Zandalar and Kul Tiras now drop invitations, and a new vendor named A. Shady occasionally has them for sale in Orgrimmar and Stormwind Location: Brawl’gar Arena in Orgrimmar or Bizmo’s Brawlpub in the Deeprun Tram Entry Requirements: Level 120 and either a Blood-Soaked Invitation or Brawler’s Pass Revised Tier Progression New Bosses Farmer Xiang-Su Hyper Mega-Mecha Seagull x9000 Mama Stormstout Ouroboros Phillip Carter Tracey Robe-Robber Robert Spymaster Thog Hammerspace Tidemistress Shellbreaker New Murder Mystery Quest Chain There’s more going on at the Brawler’s Guild than electrifying fights between competitors in their prime. A mystery is afoot, and after you’ve shown a bit of prowess in the arena, you’ll be tapped to help solve it. You’ll need to claw and carve your way to the truth using your keen intellect, astute powers of observation, and—of course—by punching a few things along the way. The fate of the Brawler’s Guild lies with you! Transmog Rewards Alliance - Ensemble: Brawler's Garb Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer 1 Cosmetic Head Brawler's Headgear Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Shoulders Brawler's Shoulderpads Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Chest Brawler's Harness Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Waist Brawler's Heavy Belt Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Legs Brawler's Leggings Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Feet Brawler's Footpads Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Wrists Brawler's Bracer Chains Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Hands Brawler's Gloves Modelviewer Horde - Ensemble: Brawler's Garb Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer 1 Cosmetic Head Brawler's Headgear Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Shoulders Brawler's Shoulderpads Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Chest Brawler's Harness Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Waist Brawler's Heavy Belt Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Legs Brawler's Leggings Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Feet Brawler's Footpads Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Wrists Brawler's Bracer Chains Modelviewer 1 Cosmetic Hands Brawler's Gloves Modelviewer Brawler's Guild Quest Chain There is a sizable quest chain that has you solve a murder in the Brawler's Guild, eventually leading to a mount reward! Bruce - Reward for completing the Brawler's guild quest chain. This quest starts off with finding Quackenbush dead on the Brawler's Guild floor. Inspecting the scene starts off the quest Murder at the Brawlpub which eventually has you meet another investigator who gives you the followup quest Put Up Your Dukes. The first suspect starts off simple enough but eventually as you progress the suspects will start to have ties to the Old Gods. Quest chains usually involve interacting with suspects and completing brawls or tasks around the brawl arena to progress the chain. You sometimes have to fight specific bosses using cards such as Challenge Card: Lord Sylysthrel. Eventually, you will take part in a trial during the quest The Brawlpub Trial. Events take a sudden turn and eventually you discover that Bizmo (the owner of the Brawler's Guild) is actually in Area 52 and the one at the guild is an ethereal in disguise! He gives you Mysterious Challenge Card that gives you access to fight the imposter etheral, Xan-Sallish, who is the murderer and is working for the ethereal Shadreen! Brawler's Guild Vendor Exchange your Brawler's Gold in Brawl’gar Arena or Ulaani in Bizmo’s Brawlpub for prizes! High Roller's Contract (100 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Slick Bixi at Brawl’gar Arena or Harold G. Goldsprocket in Bizmo’s Brawlpub to enable a game of chance for 30 minutes. Bag of Chipped Dice (100 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to a Brawl’gar Arena Grunt or a Bizmo’s Brawlpub Bouncer to enable random brawl mode for the next 30 minutes. Blood-Soaked Angel Figurine (250 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Esme Sunshadow in Brawl’gar Arena or Lidiya Peyton in Bizmo’s Brawlpub to buy a graveyard inside the Brawler’s Guild for the next 30 minutes. Brawler's Potion Dispenser (500 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Brawl’gar Arena quartermaster or Quackenbush or Dershway at Bizmo’s Brawlpub to buy a keg that dispenses free potions to all players for the next 30 minutes. Rumble Card: Grief Warden (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a deadly, hulking moose. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Rumble Card: Penguin Stampede (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a flock of slippery penguins. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Rumble Card: Battle of the Brew (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a group of pandaren to a rickshaw-pulling competition. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Rumble Card: Senya (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a very hungry hippopotamus. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Rumble Card: Stranglethorn Streak (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a series of beasts from Stranglethorn Vale. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Rumble Card: Mindbreaker Gzzaj (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a maddening herald of the Faceless Ones. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Rumble Card: Mazhareen (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a deadly spirit cat. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight. Free Drinks Voucher (1,000 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Bruno Flameretardant at Brawl’gar Arena to buy 3 minutes of free drinks for everyone! Zeppelin Rental Form (1,000 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Kergil Sparkwrench at Brawl’gar Arena to buy 10 minutes of free zeppelin rides for everyone! (Horde Only) VIP Room Rental Form (1,000 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to a Boom Room Bouncer at Bizmo’s Brawlpub to buy 10 minute of the free VIP room access for everyone! Quartermaster Vendor Items Potions: Brawler's Coastal Healing Potion (Requires Level 120), Brawler's Battle Potion of Intellect (Requires Level 120), Brawler's Battle Potion of Agility (Requires Level 120), Brawler's Battle Potion of Strength (Requires Level 120) Pets: Clock'em (Requires Rank 3), Tylarr Gronnden (Requires Rank 3) Gear and Transmogrification: Pugilist's Powerful Punching Ring (Requires Rank 4), Brawler's Guild Tabard (Requires Rank 5), Gemcutter Module: Mastery (Requires Rank 6 – Jewelcrafting Only), Brawler's Razor Claws (Requires Rank 8), Ensemble: Brawler's Garb (Requires Rank 8) View the full article
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