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  2. Overwatch Archives Event - April 6-27 WoW Patch 9.0.5 Hotfixes - April 7, 2021 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Player versus Player Fixed an issue that caused Epic Battlegrounds to reward less experience than intended for characters between levels 50 and 60. Quests Slightly reduced the difficulty of the Paragon's Challenge for the Bastion World Quest "Flight School: Flapping Frenzy". View the full article
  3. The Great Push - New Mythic+ Tournament Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) We’re thrilled to announce details on our first competitive dungeon one-off tournament of the year. Welcome to The Great Push, coming May 28-30! For over fourteen years, we’ve sought to explore new ways to push the limits of competitive World of Warcraft. With The Great Push, our first one-off tournament of the year, we are bringing a new style of competitive dungeon running distinct from the foundations set by the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). Instead of teams fighting to beat their opponent’s time, The Great Push is focused on teams pushing keys as high as they can, striving to out survive their competitors and be crowned the champion! How The Great Push Works The Great Push stands separate from the MDI. Any team of five players can register for their shot at the $20,000 (USD) prize pool! Teams will compete in the initial qualifier phase, the Proving Grounds, on May 22-23, where teams will be given two dungeon keystone combinations to push to the highest difficulty they can reach on the tournament realm. The top six teams from the qualifier will be invited to the main tournament, where they will compete across the different Shadowlands Dungeons to push their keystones as high as possible. The winning team will be the one who has the highest overall score for dungeons pushed and will be crowned the champion. There are no pre-requisites required to play in the tournament, teams can sign up for The Great Push through May 17! The tournament will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch, and players will also be able to stream their perspectives during the tournament, including their time in the Proving Grounds. You can choose to follow your favorite team and players, while keeping up with the casters for the overall standings throughout the weekend. Looking Forward Meanwhile, be sure to tune in to the MDI Global Finals where teams will battle for $300,000 USD on April 23-25, only on YouTube. With Season 1 featuring some of the hardest-fought dungeon runs imaginable, including the closest dungeon finish in MDI history, 2021 is gearing up to be the Mythic Dungeon International’s best year ever. Subscribe to the Warcraft YouTube and don’t forget to follow the WoW Esports Twitter, for the chilliest chills and dankest memes in all of Azeroth. We’ll see you in the Dungeon Finder! View the full article
  4. So ein Schwachsinn. Ich war seit Jahren mit dem Char in der Gilde. Traue keinem Daten-Scraper, den Du nicht selbst geschrieben hast.
  5. WoW Patch 9.0.5 Hotfixes - April 6, 2021 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Items and Rewards The ability to purchase items from Ve'nari is now unlocked for all characters on your account based on the character with the highest reputation. To gain access to purchasing the items across all characters on your account, you must log into the character with the highest Ve’nari reputation. View the full article
  6. Noblegarden 2021 Noblegarden has returned to Azeroth from today until April 12th, bringing all of the old goodies from previous years, as well as the ability to transmog to your Noblegarden cosmetics during the holiday and the Cursed Rabbit's Foot from opening eggs. There are no changes for 2021 The Ember Court Venthyr Event incorporates the holiday by adding Theotar's Egg Hunt, a small minigame that can get you 300% increased friendship during the Ember Court while active. New in 2019 New Toy: Noble Gardener's Hearthstone The Noble Gardener's Hearthstone summons a flurry of springtime critters to whisk you away. New Appearances: Blue Spring Circlet, Brown Spring Circlet, Yellow Spring Circlet Added in recent years is the Noblegarden Bunny battle pet, sold by Noblegarden Merchant for 200 x Noblegarden Chocolate Hunt for Brightly Colored Eggs in starter zone towns to loot Noblegarden Chocolate. These eggs are lootable objects that will spawn around the town. Use Noblegarden Chocolate to purchase three battle pets, a mount, cosmetic items, and more. To get all three pets you will need 400 Noblegarden Chocolate. To get the mount you will need 500 Noblegarden Chocolate. Mages - Purchase Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit for 100 Noblegarden Chocolate. Purchase or hold on to Noblegarden items if you want to have them for transmog during future Noblegarden events (after Patch 7.2.5). There are two Nobelgarden quests, but neither are necessary to complete. Unlock the nine achievements required for Noble Gardener using items found in Brightly Colored Eggs or purchased from vendors. The Noblegarden Egg is required to complete Noble Garden, and it must be purchased from the vendor. It costs 5 Noblegarden Chocolate. Added in 2018 - Cursed Rabbit's Foot Cursed Rabbit's Foot was added in 2018 that can be looted from eggs. It causes your character to periodically spawn eggs on the ground that are smaller and slightly different than the normal Noble Garden eggs. Hunt for Brightly Colored Eggs Collect eggs to gather Noblegarden Chocolate and other Noblegarden items. Horde players can farm eggs in Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore, Brill in Tirisfal Glades, Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods and Razor Hill in Durotar. Alliance players can farm eggs in Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle, Dolanaar in Teldrassil, Goldshire in Elwynn Forest,and Kharanos in Dun Morogh. There are also some eggs outside of Shattrath City. Eggs contain the Noblegarden Chocolate currency, necessary for purchasing items from a Noblegarden Vendor, as well as nearly all of the clothing and consumable items sold by the vendors. Brightly Colored Eggs can also contain: Spring Rabbit's Foot, Blossoming Branch, White Tuxedo Shirt, Black Tuxedo Pants, Elegant Dress, Spring Circlet, Spring Flowers, Spring Robes, and Swift Springstrider. If you're on the daily quest The Great Egg Hunt, eggs will also contain Brightly Colored Shell Fragment quest item. Completing this quest awards a Blossoming Branch. Spend Your Noblegarden Chocolate Noblegarden Chocolate can be used to purchase: Level Type Name Cost Model Viewer 1 Companion Pets Spring Rabbit's Foot 100 × 1 Companion Pets Mystical Spring Bouquet 100 × 1 Companion Pets Noblegarden Bunny 200 × 20 Mount Swift Springstrider 500 × Modelviewer 1 Head Black Spring Circlet 50 × Modelviewer 1 Head Pink Spring Circlet 50 × Modelviewer 1 Head Spring Circlet 50 × Modelviewer 1 Shirt White Tuxedo Shirt 25 × Modelviewer 1 Chest Elegant Dress 50 × Modelviewer 1 Chest Spring Robes 50 × Modelviewer 23 Legs Black Tuxedo Pants 25 × Modelviewer 1 Miscellaneous Spring Flowers 50 × Modelviewer 1 Other Blossoming Branch 10 × 1 Other Noblegarden Egg 5 × 60 Book Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit 100 × Host Your Own Egg Hunt or Transfer Gold Noblegarden vendors also sell Poorly Painted Egg, Intricately-Painted Egg, and Magnificently-Painted Egg for gold. Place these eggs on the ground and they will all look exactly the same. Each egg type is unique, so you can only have one in your inventory at a time. Each egg can be looted by only one player and will contain a gray-quality item that can be sold to a vendor for 90% of the original egg purchase price. The eggs can be seen by anyone around you, so they are a useful way to transfer gold between realms or factions (with a 10% loss). Level Type Name Cost Model Viewer 1 Other Poorly-Painted Egg 10 1 Other Intricately-Painted Egg 10 1 Other Magnificently-Painted Egg 1,000 Complete Quests There is a one time quest and daily quest that you can complete: One-time Quest: A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket (H) or A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket (A). Awards an Egg Basket. You are given an identical basket with which to actually do the quest, so you don't have to spend the Chocolate and actually turn the quest in unless you want the permanent basket. Just use the basket you were given for the quest to gain a speed buff while farming Brightly Colored Eggs. Daily Quest: The Great Egg Hunt (H) or The Great Egg Hunt (A). Collect 10 Brightly Colored Shell Fragments to receive a Blossoming Branch. You'll be able to complete this quest while farming eggs, so you can do this quest to get a Blossoming Branch for the achievement Hard Boiled. You can also find Blossoming Branch in a Brightly Colored Egg. Unlock Achievements In order to earn the achievement Noble Gardener (part of What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been) and unlock the Noble title, you must complete these nine achievements: Shake Your Bunny-Maker - Use Spring Flowers to give bunny ears to level 18 (or higher) characters of each race. Blushing Bride - Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants. Chocoholic - Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolate. Spring Fling or Spring Fling - Visit each of the four cities listed for your respective faction with your Spring Rabbit out and find someone else with a Spring Rabbit out for yours to love. Desert Rose - Use Spring Robes to plant a flower in the Badlands, Silithus, Thousand Needles, Desolace, and Tanaris. I Found One! - Loot a Brightly Colored Egg. Hard Boiled - Visit Un'Goro Crater's Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during Noblegarden. You can't use Blossoming Branch on yourself, so team up with someone else (with their own Branch) and head out there to change each other into rabbits. Noble Garden or Noble Garden - Hide a Brightly Colored Egg in Silvermoon City (Horde) or Stormwind City (Alliance). To “hide” the egg, place one using Noblegarden Egg. Most of the items required to earn Achievements can be found in Brightly Colored Eggs, so your luck may significantly lower the amount of Noblegarden Chocolate required. The only achievement items you must buy from the vendor is the Noblegarden Egg. You can get a “free” Blossoming Branch for Hard Boiled from the daily quest, which you'll easily complete while farming eggs. There are two additional achievements which are not required for Noble Gardener: Sunday's Finest - Loot a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants from Brightly Colored Eggs. Dressed for the Occasion - Loot an Elegant Dress from a Brightly Colored Egg. Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Noblegarden springs to life April 5 through April 12. Don your bunny ears and hunt for eggs, eat delectable chocolate, collect toys, pets, and more. The great feast of Noblegarden has long been celebrated by the races of the Alliance and recently adopted by those of the Horde. During this joyous event, it is customary for the nobles and lords from each race to hide coins, candy, and the occasional treasures within special eggs painted to look like wildflowers. These eggs are then scattered around major cities for the citizenry to find. When: April 5-12 Where: Visit Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, or Shattrath City to join in the festivities. Currency: Noblegarden Chocolates are used as currency during this holiday to purchase garments, mounts, pets, and other special rewards. These can be collected by completing quests and opening the eggs found in the event areas. Holiday Activities Daily Quests The Great Egg Hunt rewards you with money, a small amount of experience, and a Blossoming Branch in exchange for Brightly Colored Shell Fragments gathered during your travels. Egg Hunting Search around Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, or Shattrath City for these (mostly) well-hidden Brightly Colored Eggs. To help you get to them more quickly, you’ll want to purchase an Egg Basket from the Noblegarden merchants and vendors to increase your speed and beat the competition. Brightly Colored Eggs will often contain delicious chocolate you can eat or use to purchase items from the Noblegarden merchants and vendors including, toys, costumes, and mounts. These eggs can also contain a variety of special items. Here are some of the items you could either find in Brightly Colored Eggs or purchase from vendors with Noblegarden Chocolates: New Toy: Noble Gardener's Hearthstone The Noble Gardener's Hearthstone summons a flurry of springtime critters to whisk you away.New Appearances: Blue Spring Circlet, Brown Spring Circlet, Yellow Spring Circlet Mounts: Swift Springstrider Pets: Mystical Spring Bouquet, Spring Rabbit's Foot, Noblegarden Bunny Costumes and Fun Items: Festival Garments, Blossoming Branch, Egg Basket, Spring Flowers, Noblegarden Egg. Consumables: Mages can purchase the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit in exchange for 100 Noblegarden Chocolate. Noblegarden Finery Show off your style by strutting your stuff through town while wearing some of the great Noblegarden fineries. These can either be found within Brightly Colored Eggs or purchased from the merchants and vendors. Achievements Completing 8 Noblegarden Achievements will reward the title “the Noble” and count toward the What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been meta-achievement. Spring into action so you don’t miss any of the holiday fun! View the full article
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  10. Omar Gonzalez Leaves Blizzard and Joins Dreamhaven Omar Gonzalez, one of the senior software engineers that worked on the early prototype of Classic WoW has left Activision Blizzard and joined Secret Door, one of the studios owned by Dreamhaven, Mike Morhaime's new gaming company. This news comes from Kevin Jordan, one of the original designers for World of Warcraft, which replied to a community question: Where is Omar? Omar Gonzalez started working on World of Warcraft in 2003 and worked his way up to become Principal Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment. In an interview with xDrale, translated by Wowhead, this is what Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said about Omar: One of them, an engineer named Omar Gonzalez, who is on the Classic team, tried the method of taking the modern client, the modern server and teaching it to interpret the old 1.12 classic data. He kind of locked himself away for a few weeks, and came out with something that was a prototype--it was very rough, contained tons of bugs, the world wasn't fully rendered, but it was the original classic world, pre-Cataclysm. It had the original skills and talents, and we knew there's was a ton of work to do, but we felt like we realized for the first time, "we can do this." New Battle.Net Avatars New Battle.Net Avatars have been added recently. View the full article
  11. WoW Arena MMR Clarification Originally Posted by blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) It feels as though the 3v3 ladder MMR has been nerfed compared to Pre 9.05. Whether this is true or not, the perception remains and higher rated players decline to q because of it. Please implement weekly / biweekly CR / MMR decay for inactive players to encourage more ladder play. Shadowlands has seen tremendous participation in Arena with the number of unique players and total matches exceeding those seen in recent seasons. As some have noted, this level of participation has had some unintended effects at the very top of the ladder. The nature of our rating system means that the more people that participate, the more likely it is that the very best players in the world will reach extremely high matchmaking ratings. In this case, a number of players have reached the upper boundary of our rating system and as a result, they may achieve victories that don’t result in rating increases. Since the number of players capable of playing at this level is limited, if they choose not to participate, it becomes difficult for those players immediately below them to also gain rating. We have two solutions to this problem, one of which is already in place and the other will take effect with weekly restarts on Tuesday. First, over the past 7 years World of Warcraft has had a rating inflation system in place that increases the mean rating of competitors at a rate of 10 points per week (note: This is the rate of increase for clarity but the number is actually increasing with each second). This means that the number that all ratings – including the highest rating possible – are calibrated at increases by 10 points each week, so players that continue playing throughout the season have an advantage compared to those who stop when it comes to end of season rewards. Ultimately, if high end players choose not to play, their rating will be overcome by those who do. Second, we are going to increase the upper bound of our matchmaking rating system with weekly restarts this week. This should mean that players at the top of the ladder should have less matches that reward no rating change. We appreciate everyone letting us know about this issue and hope that the upcoming increase the matchmaking cap will improve the situation for the few players affected. View the full article
  12. April Fools 2021 - Community Round-Up World of Warcraft Patch The Bengal Tiger Secret Mount World of Warcraft: Undermine Patch 9.1 Seasonal Affix: Imprisoned TBC Classic Store Mounts Revealed Encrypted 9.0.9 PTR Build 38241 World of Warcraft Patch World of Warcraft Patch early notes have been leaked! Highlights include a new raid "The Winter Queen’s Gambit", a new dungeon "A Fungus", and two new professions "Sea Shanty Singing" and "Wand Vision". The Bengal Tiger Secret Mount Kruithne has found the Bengal Tiger secret mount! World of Warcraft: Undermine Handclaw has shared a presentation of "Undermine", the 10th expansion for World of Warcraft. This expansion finally brings out the Tinker, a new heroic class that comes in three specs: Mekgineer (Tank), Chemist (Healer) and Demolition (DPS). Patch 9.1 Seasonal Affix: Imprisoned Raider.IO have noticed that a new Keystone Affix "Imprisoned" has been added on the Tournament Realm over the weekend. While this affix is active, players have to burst Mawsworn mobs before the 6-second Imprison cast is finished, otherwise they get chained for 8 seconds (and ultimately stunned for 12 seconds if the chains aren't broken). TBC Classic Store Mounts Revealed Reddit user MethixYo has shared the upcoming TBC Classic Store Mounts. Encrypted 9.0.9 PTR Build 38241 Wowhead has datamined the Encrypted 9.0.9 PTR Build 38241. Highlights include the Reverence Mount, Redeemed Sylvanas Windrunner Model and a new Kich King costume for Pepe! View the full article
  13. World of Warcraft Patch Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) World of Warcraft Patch [This is an early draft version – PLEASE don’t store this document on any public drives. Thank you! – R.J.] Content New Raid: The Winter Queen’s Gambit Come face to face with the Jailer’s lowliest servant, the Janitor, as he teaches you how to use the Medley of Transplanar Spices to envision each raid encounter upside down on the ceiling in preparation for a gauntlet of successively older and more difficult enemies. Once you no longer need the Janitor, move on to unadvisedly drinking Inconceivably Aged Vinegar as you work your way toward the final boss and learn that you can only win if you share the effort with your friends. Let’s play. New Dungeon: A Fungus Brave the depths of the fungal network beneath Ardenweald with a group of 5-10 players, where 1-2 of members of your group are accosters randomly selected to try to kill you! Communication is key when you don’t know who to trust, and everyone sounds like they’re lying at all times, especially when they don’t speak up. Who’s the accoster? Don’t kick the wrong person! New Profession: Sea Shanty Singing A successful stage singer said she’d savor some songs sung in a straightforward style. Simple solution: score the several significant schemes surrounding so many societies sans substance with satisfying strains of soulful sounds about sailing from sunrise to sunset. Seek and speak to your Sea Shanty Sergeant in any sizeable city to start. New Profession: Wand Vision Developers’ note: While this is available to all classes, Wand Vision will only really make sense to you if you’ve seen and remember small details from most of our other content over the last 15 years. A study in empowering yourself, Wand Vision gives you the ability to re-cast your spells, and it also allows you to steal someone else’s best ability to use as your own. Starting in black-and-white, and then later moving to color, Wand Vision causes everything that drops for you to always have best-in-slot stats. Unfortunately, after some time, you have to come back to reality. There are rules in life. We can’t rush aging just because it’s convenient, and we can’t reverse death. But what is loot, if not RNG persevering? New Covenant: Definitely-not-Drust [Producer’s note: we need to come up with a final name for this.] New Micro-Holidays Beach Vacation to Die For: Spring Break in the Shadowlands Ll f Th Vwls Hv Gn Mssng Dy International Popular Item Day Made Up Entirely for Social Media Day Tell Us You ____ Without Telling Us You ____ Day Day that No One Dies For a Whole Day Because Everyone is Super Careful The Micro-holiday That Ends Before You’re Changes Covenants The Wild Hunt is now 115% more wild and needs to see a barber. Seed of Corruption can now be planted in the Queen’s Conservatory. You monster. The Court of Harvesters now all get started chorin’ an hour earlier thanks to daylight saving time. Pitter patter. Added a new drink served at the Ember Court: Jungle Juice, an amalgamation of the venthyr’s finest, served in solo cups. Sure to knock you off your feet. The Undying Army’s total power has been reduced by 5%, after they beat the Undying Navy in 4 of their last 5 matchups. Plague Deviser Marileth has been hard at work coming up with new Necrolord slime-based companions, such as Jelly Frog, Jelly Horse, Jelly Duck, and of course, Jelly Nathanos Blightcaller. The Ascended have been forced to stop ascending and try falling through their own shimmering circles in the sky if they need that done so badly. Sheesh! The Maw Ve’nari now has several new levels of reputation available for you to earn: Unconvinced Uneasy Inconclusive Sus Caught Feelings The Eye of the Jailer now scales up to a new level of danger: Just Die Already. Fixed a bug that allowed some players to go whitewater rafting in the River of Souls. That was super insensitive, guys. Classes Death Knight Anti-magic Shell now comes in strawberry, caramel, and sugar-free varieties. Defile damage doubled in one dungeon, making it de-better to de-use in De Other Side. New talent: The Winter Winds. We still don’t know what it’s about yet, but the guy who’s been creating this talent for almost ten years says you have our formal written permission to imprison him on an island if it’s not done by next summer. Fixed a bug where certain drinks cancelled Red Thirst. Once again, Red Thirst cannot be quenched by any mortal beverage. Demon Hunter Night Fae and Kyrian Demon Hunters who’ve been telling all their friends back on Azeroth that of course they went Venthyr or Necrolord are now provided with some cosmetic items to help sell the story. The Slayer’s Felbroken Shrieker mount has been adjusted, and now provides 50% less shrieking. Don’t worry, it’s still alarmingly shrieky. The Master of the Glaive talent now makes you 300% more smug toward anyone who has the audacity to come to you for help. Druid Rake no longer smacks you in the face when you step on it. Innervate has been innovated on, and it now emanates an intimate condensate to mitigate the desolate desiccant before you dehydrate. 2 charges. New returning talent: Encroaching Vines. We really thought we completely removed this last autumn, but it keeps coming back on that one sunny side of the wall. Hunter Combining Cobra Shot with the Spitting Cobra and Killer Cobra talents now motivates you to re-open a controversial karate dojo in the San Fernando Valley. Born to Be Wild now makes you fire all of your guns at once and explode into space. Hunters who take both Skinning and Leatherworking now grow an extra-long and luxurious beard that really turns heads when you go to town. Mage No changes needed. Monk Ring of Peace now ejects unwanted enemies 250% more violently, in order to maintain peace so hard. Fixed an issue that could cause Storm, Earth and Fire to not require any further fixing. Implemented a new size enhancement feature for gnome monks so that when they engage a tauren monk in a fight, everyone else in the battleground is less likely to stop and take video that might go viral. Paladin Blinding Light’s disorient duration increased to 8 hours to better correspond with the fact that I can’t sleep until I feel your touch. Repentance now forces an enemy to meditate and do hot yoga, incapacitating them for 1 minute and making them feel sore all over the next day. Rebuke can now only be cast after you’ve first successfully cast Buke on your enemy. Final Reckoning keeps being used over and over, so we’ve changed its name to Yet More Reckoning. Priest Power Infusion now exclusively targets Survival Hunters. If no Survival Hunters are in your group, Power Infusion is applied to a “random” friendly target. When Power Infusion “randomly” goes to a tank three times in a row, you are now comforted by the voice of Xal’atath whispering to you about ancient evils or something. Rogue The Pick Lock ability will now correctly choose the nearest appropriate Warlock. Sub Rogues now have a cute little underwater boat that perfectly fits the sub lifestlye. Loaded Dice can now be properly unloaded for safe storage. Combat Potency has been renamed Outlaw Potency. We’re not sure how we missed this one. Restless Blades have been properly hydrating and exercising and are really starting to get their sleep schedule back on track. Fixed a bug that caused Relentless Strikes to sometimes inadvertently Relent. Shaman All shamans can now go by shamen or shaman. “Shamens” is still incorrect. Venthyr shamans are now provided with a unique therapeutic questline to help them deal with the cognitive dissonance of their Covenant choice. Surge of Power increased by 15% to keep up with advances in GFCI technology. Enhancement shamen who eat a lot of cooked vegetables are no longer allowed to select the Forceful Winds or Elemental Blast talents. Warlock Vile Taint. That’s it. That’s the patch note. Doom has been redesigned as the best point-and-click adventure of the year. Several new Curses have been added: Curse of Ambience: The target repeatedly demands that you listen to something that they insist is “music” but it’s just an hour of whale sounds at 5% speed. Curse of Procrastination: The target will still totally attack you, they just need to take a nap first. Oh, and actually, there’s a new episode of a show they’ve been watching coming out tonight. Is tomorrow good? Or maybe let’s just make it next week. Curse of Dankness: The target emits an awkward, musty smell, and becomes slightly damp. Moist, even. Curse of Curse of Dankness: Forces the target to read the previous patch note a second time. After years of feedback on this, at last, Warlocks can pet their felhunter and tell him he’s the goodest boi. 13/10. Warrior War Machine has finally stopped blaming itself for what happened to Tony. Frothing Berserker is now 80% frothier. Revenge, it turns out, is actually best served with a nice sear and some lemon. Sweeping Strikes have now finished their union negotiations and are back to Sweeping. Thunder Clap no longer requires the Warrior to be dummy thicc. WoW Classic Due to the popularity of world buffs in WoW Classic, we’re introducing a whole new line of highly valuable stat uppers that you won’t want to play without! In addition to Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Warchief’s Blessing, Spirit of Zandalar, Songflower Serenade, Mol’dar’s Moxie, Slip’kik’s Savvy, and Fengus’ Ferocity, you can now collect: Sanction of Varimathras Blackmoss’s Black Moss The Underwater Mandate Innkeeper’s New Inn Grand Opening Dedication Magnus Frostwake’s Magnificent Lost Rake Any player who manages to enter a raid on a PvP realm with all 12 of the above buffs intact will receive a special bonus world buff: The World Buff to End All World Buffs (+5 to Spirit). View the full article
  14. WoW Patch 9.0.5 Hotfixes - March 31, 2021 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Classes Warlock The absorption value of Dark Pact (Talent) will now match the tooltip. Covenants Kyrian Mort and Imer now despawn shortly after the Path of Ascension: Mad Mortimer encounter ends. Fixed an issue where Imer could sometimes become stuck on the starting platform during the Path of Ascension: Mad Mortimer encounter. Items and Rewards Fixed an issue where two-handed Legion Artifact appearances were unable to be transmogrified onto one-handed weapons and vice versa. Player versus Player Unsquashed Classic Ashran's Empowered Blackrock Ore. View the full article
  15. Upcoming PTR for Chains of Domination The Future of World Buffs in Classic Era Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Hey everybody! We know that there’s a lot of excitement for Burning Crusade Classic, but we haven’t forgotten about the Classic Era servers. One of the defining features of raiding in Classic has certainly been the prevalence of world buff stacking, and while there are some interesting social effects – coordinating turn-ins, leveling alts, world PvP at buff locations, there’s also an obvious negative element – once you’re buffed, you’re incentivized to log off and stop playing to preserve your buffs. If you want to log off to go make dinner or put your kids to bed, that’s completely fine and the timing works in your favor. But if you still want to repair your gear, shop for consumables, or run a dungeon with your friends, then it’s not great to be losing precious minutes on your buffs, or worse, risk dying and losing them entirely. We’ve been wanting to do something about that side-effect, without completely abandoning our philosophy for WoW Classic, so we’re going to try something new in Patch 1.13.7: The Chronoboon Displacer. What is it? The Chronoboon Displacer is an item you buy which takes a snapshot of your world buffs, such as Rallying Cry of Dragonslayer, Songflower, etc. and saves them for use at a later time. Of course we don’t want to change things too radically, so it comes with some significant restrictions: While you are under the effects of the Chronoboon Displacer, you can’t benefit from any of the world buffs that it’s holding for you. That keeps you from getting a second set of buffs, and then still feeling like you need to log off. Also, when you release the buffs from the Chronoboon Displacer, it puts the item on a 1 hour cooldown so that you can’t toggle your buffs on for bosses and off for the rest of the raid. How does it work? First, you collect all your world buffs the way you normally would – getting your summon to Dire Maul, a portal back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar for your Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, a quick trip to Yojamba Isle to turn in the Heart of Hakkar, or whatever subset of world buffs your raid expects or that you feel comfortable with. Then you activate your Chronoboon Displacer, which creates a Supercharged Cronoboon Displacer in your inventory and an aura which holds the captured state of your world buffs. You can mouse over that aura at any time to see which buffs are stored, and how much time is stored on them. You can then go about your business, secure in the knowledge that your world buffs are saved and ready for use when you need them most. When you’re ready to restore them, simply activate the Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer and it will break apart, releasing the stored auras back onto your character. Where do I get one? Well, given the complex temporal mechanics involved, you obviously need to make a deal with a Bronze Dragon, and you can find a friendly one named Chromie located in Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands. Of course she’ll likely want your help repairing the time stream first, but once you’ve helped her out with that, she’ll be happy to sell you as many Chronoboon Displacers as your heart desires. Why now? We launched Classic with an intent to keep the game data the same as it was originally, and we wanted to make sure we delivered on that promise, but now that we’ve been through all the content phases we planned before launch, we took a step back to consider what it really means to have the world buff system stay this way in Classic Era. A persistent world where everybody is traveling around for magical items and spells to maximize their power is fine, but one where they then stop playing to avoid wasting them seems wrong. Having an additional stop that lets you “bottle your buffs” seems like a thematically appropriate change to alleviate that problem. We know this is a change, and any change to Classic is something we want to be careful with, but in this case, the fact that playing optimally literally requires you to stop playing was just too much for us to sit idly by. If you have any concerns about ways this might be abused, please post them here so we can address them. We hope you’ll all find this change as exciting as we do! View the full article
  16. Upcoming PTR for Chains of Domination Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) With 9.0.5 behind us, we wanted to take a moment to update you on the 9.1 content for Shadowlands. In about 2 weeks, we will have Chains of Domination available for the community on the PTR. Also, raid testing details will be posted a week or so after the PTR is online. There will be a wide variety of content to check out for Chains of Domination, so as usual, your testing will play a key role in iterating on this update. We can’t wait to get this in front of you and look forward to your feedback soon. View the full article
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  19. Burning Crusade Classic Beta - Testing Availability and Fixes - March 29 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Today’s update to the beta realms introduces a new level cap and bug fixes: The level cap has been increased to 68 (was 64). BUG FIXES Art and Visuals Fixed a variety of issues to lighting and fog effects. Outlands zones are currently missing some ground foliage and detail objects. Fixed an issue where male Trolls had an invalid skin color option. Fixed an issue with Crust Burster’s spell visuals. Fixed an issue with FelReaver’s movement animation. Combat Fixed an issue where area-of-effect damage caps were not functioning properly. Teleport: Moonglade is no longer missing from the level 58 Druid character templates. The Hunter ability The Beast Within now functions properly. The Paladin ability Seal of Blood now properly performs its primary damage effect. The Paladin ability Pure of Heart now properly increases resistance to curses and diseases. The Priest ability Pain Suppression now properly increases resistance to Dispel mechanics. Shaman totem buffs are now displayed in the buff list. The Warrior talent Second Wind now triggers on Immobilize effects. Items Jewelcrafting - Cut gems now list their stat bonuses. Tailoring - Spellcloth now correctly requires the player to be in Netherstorm to craft. The tooltip for Filtered Draenic Water now displays the correct level 60 requirement to consume. Fixed an issue where thrown weapons were not losing durability when used. Fixed an issue where the cost of a few items sold by Haris Pilton were incorrect. PvP The Preparation buff is now removed at the start of a Warsong Gulch match. Quests Fixed an issue where players would be transported out immediately after accepting "Journey to Honor Hold.” Fixed an issue where Eye of the Citadel would spawn under the world during “Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow.” User Interface Guild charter signature requests are now delivered to the targeted player. Fixed an issue where the Bank UI is misaligned and there is an extra, unused column of bank slots present. Fixed an issue where items that have a class restriction will also incorrectly show a race restriction in the tooltip. Fixed an issue where the point-of-interest indicator flag would not appear on the World Map after asking a city guard for directions. Fixed an issue where quest objective updates and exploration messages were being displayed in red text. KNOWN ISSUES Some keys are being removed from the Key Ring and placed into available bag slots upon relogging. View the full article
  20. Arena World Championship 2021 - Shadowlands Circuit Week 2 Arena World Championship 2021 Shadowlands Circuit Week 2 has started! Throughout the circuit, top teams from around the world will compete for a total of $900,000 in prizing, and points used to advance to the AWC Shadowlands Finals. Arena World Championship 2021 - Shadowlands Season 1 Circuit AWC 2021 - Shadowlands Circuit Week 2 - Day 1 AWC 2021 - Shadowlands Circuit Week 2 - Day 2 View the full article
  21. WoW Patch 9.0.5 Hotfixes - March 26, 2021 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Classes Improved the auto-targeting of player spells that are intended to avoid out-of-combat enemies. This hotfix includes further enhancements to the 9.0.5. changes that reduced spells pulling extra enemies. Death Knight Blood [With regional restarts] Veteran of the Third War (Rank 2) now also reduces all damage taken by 10%. Demon Hunter Vengeance [With regional restarts] Fixed an issue where both the Havoc and Vengeance versions of Demonic Wards were being applied to Vengeance Demon Hunters. [With regional restarts] Fixed an issue where the Havoc version of Shattered Souls was being applied to Vengeance Demon Hunters. [With regional restarts] Demonic Wards (Rank 1) damage reduction increased to 10% (was 5%). Druid Guardian [With regional restarts] Ursine Adept now also reduces all damage taken by 10%. Monk Brewmaster [With regional restarts] Brewmaster's Balance now also reduces all damage taken by 10%. Paladin Protection [With regional restarts] New Passive: Aegis of Light – All damage taken reduced by 10%. Warlock Demonic Circle, Grimoire: Felguard (Talent), Mortal Coil (Talent), and Summon Infernal will no longer be placed on a very long cooldown when interrupted and affected by a Death Knight’s Heartstop Aura or Delirium. Warrior Protection [With regional restarts] Vanguard now also reduces all damage taken by 10%. Items and Rewards Soul Ash no longer has a cap on the amount that can be held at one time. Quests Fixed an issue where players who died on the final stage of the Tyrande's Ascension scenario during the quest "In Darkest Night" would release to the incorrect location. View the full article
  22. Upcoming Tank Tuning - March 30 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Recently, players observed that Vengeance Demon Hunters seemed to be receiving up to 15% less magic damage than expected. We have investigated and found the bug causing this. When a specialization is overperforming in raid and dungeon content, we prefer to wait to rein them in until the next major patch that brings with it all-new challenges, different gear, and other changes that shake up balance. This is because even if we’re improving overall balance, mid-tier nerfs can cause entire groups to potentially struggle with raid or dungeon content they could previously complete without issue, and this is especially true for the tank role. However, because of the magnitude of the bug, combined with extensive feedback about the current strength of Vengeance relative to other tank classes, we feel that we need to act quickly. We therefore plan to fix this bug during scheduled weekly maintenance next week (March 30 in this region). To reduce the impact to Vengeance tanks and their groups, we plan to make an additional change to offset the bug fix. We also want to address feedback that we’ve heard about overall tank survivability in Shadowlands, especially in Mythic Keystone dungeons. With the fix to the Vengeance Demon Hunter bug, we will increase the Vengeance Demon Hunter passive, Demonic Wards, by 5%. In most situations, Physical damage constitutes most of the damage suffered by tanks, so the result should be a manageable increase in the total damage taken by Vengeance tanks. We will also adjust all other tank specializations’ passives (such as Veteran of the Third War for Blood Death Knights) to add an effect that reduces overall damage taken by 10%. Our aim is to improve tank durability for all tanks. We appreciate the community bringing this issue to our attention, and thank you in advance for your feedback on these changes. View the full article
  23. World of Warcraft Student Art Contest 2020 Winners Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Presented by Blizzard Entertainment’s University Relations and World of Warcraft development teams, the tenth annual World of Warcraft Student Art Contest has drawn to a close. After some fervent debate and impassioned deliberation, our judges sifted through the many remarkable entries and identified the winning entries. Check out the winners and runners-up below for each of the four categories. Environment Art Category Winner “The Most Dangerous Game” Peter Burroughs CG Master Academy (CGMA) Runners-Up “Uldum Campsite” Michael J. Esten San Jose State University “Winter at the Rosewald” Tiffany Shen Tufts University Character Art Category Winner “Nazmir Bloodscavenger (mount)” Lars Robertson Texas A&M University Runners-Up “Ironbeak Thunder-Talon (mount)” Blake Conklin Lake Washington Institute of Technology “Seraphalise the Bard” Christine Medina DigiPen Institute of Technology FX Category Winner - Video “Spirit Guardians” Frank Le Cocq Laguna College of Art and Design Animation Category Winner - Video “Nora Pot Combo” Anthony Ma Purdue University Runner-Up - Video “Two Hit (combo) Attack” Nguyet Nghi Duong Academy of Art University Winners from each category will take part in a 1-hour virtual mentorship with senior artists and more. Visit our contest announcement to see a complete list of prizes. Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to seeing what incredible creations you submit next time! View the full article
  24. WoW Patch 9.0.5 Hotfixes - March 25, 2021 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Classes Death Knight Chains of Ice will once again be removed from the target when spells like Blessing of Freedom are used. Demon Hunter Fixed an issue where Spirit of the Darkness Flame (Runecarving Power) would not heal when Fiery Brand is cast. Fixed an issue where the damage from The Hunt’s (Night Fae Ability) damage-over-time effect was not increased by Momentum (Talent). Monk Windwalker Keefer's Skyreach's (Runecarving Power) critical strike increase is now properly applied by, and affects your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits. Hit Combo (Talent) properly increases the damage of Chi Explosion (Jade Ignition Runecarving Power). Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits now also cast Chi Explosion (Jade Ignition Runecarving Power). Fixed an issue that could prevent Chi Explosion (Jade Ignition Runecarving Power) from striking large monsters. Paladin Holy Blessing of Sacrifice is now properly displayed on Raid Frames when talented into Ultimate Sacrifice (PvP Talent). Covenants Venthyr Fixed an issue where some players could complete the quest "Home Improvement" earlier than was intended, which could cause issues with other quests in the campaign chapter "Sinfall." Creatures and NPCs Forgehand Phillo in Elysian Hold, Goreguts in the Seat of the Primus, Craftsmaster Lamda in the Heart of the Forest, Guy Yearmo in Sinfall, and Aggressor Zo'dash in Oribos now all use the Item Upgrades title to more clearly reflect their functionality. Dungeons and Raids Battle of Dazar'alor Fixed an issue that would prevent players from being able to queue into Victory or Death on Raid Finder difficulty. Castle Nathria Huntsman Altimor Huntman's Bond is now recorded in the combat log. Sun King's Salvation The target for Ember Blast is now recorded in the combat log. Sire Denathrius Fixed an issue where players who fell off the platform could Neutralize their allies on Mythic difficulty. De Other Side Fixed an issue where the Atal'ai Hoodoo Hexxer's Lightning Discharge could inadvertently damage player pets and guardians. Mists of Tirna Scithe Tred'ova Fixed an issue where Mind Link would occasionally get stuck on one player if the other Mind Linked player died. Torghast, Tower of the Damned Anima Powers Hunter Fixed an issue where Deadeye Satchel would have a limited duration. Burning Crusade Beta Hotfixes - March 25, 2021 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) With hotfixes that have gone to beta realms today, we have: Fixed a bug that caused players to experience disconnects while being stunned/rooted in the middle of a jump, strafe, or falling. Fixed a bug that caused experience gains to be incorrectly calculated. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect damage reduction from armor. Fixed a condition where the character select screen was too dark. Improved the F6 function for hovering over a creature and submitting a bug report. View the full article
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