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Horde Now Control Darkshore, Endgame Moves - Getting to Go, DLC #660

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Horde Now Control Darkshore
The Horde has taken Darkshore!

  • The world boss Ivus the Forest Lord is up in Darkshore for Horde players. He rewards a chance for item level 385 loot so be sure to kill him!
  • Darkshore rares have had their loot lockouts reset for Horde.
  • Horde have access to the Warfront cycle quests Buzzkill, Remaining Threats, and Tapping the Breach.
  • Horde has access to world quests in Darkshore.
  • Alliance can now start the contribution process to launch the Darkshore Warfront.


Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
385 Trinket Trinket inv_spiritshard_02.5fd99ffd95047ec4bd436Ancient Knot of Wisdom
385 Trinket Trinket inv_spiritshard_01.435e4efe2c72c3953230cKnot of Ancient Fury
385 Trinket Trinket inv_misc_herb_fadeleaf_petal.44555ea094bForest Lord's Razorleaf
385 Cloth Chest inv_chest_cloth_warfrontsforsaken_d_01.3Garments of the Forest Lord
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Cloth Waist inv_belt_cloth_warfrontsforsakenmythic_dIvus' Tanglemoss Waistcord
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Leather Head inv_leather_warfrontsforsakenmythic_d_01Warring Ancient's Crown
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Leather Waist 166689.jpgProtector's Tangleroot Belt
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Mail Shoulders 166692.jpgForest Protector's Shoulderguards
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Mail Hands inv_glove_mail_warfrontsforsakenmythic_dGnarled Bough Gauntlets
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Plate Head inv_helm_plate_warfrontsforsakenmythic_dPetrified Ironbark Crown
3dButton.png Modelviewer
385 Plate Feet inv_boot_plate_warfrontsforsakenmythic_dStoneroot Stompers
3dButton.png Modelviewer

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Ivus the Forest Lord
Summoned by the night elves in times of desperation, Ivus the Forest Lord has wielded his raw strength against the Horde time and again. Now he has returned from Alterac Valley to stand in defense of his home and crush any who threaten it.

  • Overview - Ivus the Forest Lord often uses abilities to attack several players at random and will retreat to the safety of his Petrified Bark when at low health.
    • Tanks -
      • Ivus will cast Frost Breath in your direction, leaving a Frost Patch on the ground beneath you.
      • Lunar Strike will leave a few clear areas on initial impact before spreading.
      • Wisps summoned while Ivus is Petrified fixate on players at random and cannot be controlled through threat generation.
    • Healers -
      • Hurl Boulder will hit players at random.
      • Lunar Strike will leave a few clear areas on initial impact before spreading.
      • Wisps will channel Ancient Spark on a random player until they are dispatched.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Hurl Boulder hits players at random.
      • Lunar Strike will leave a few clear areas on initial impact before spreading.
      • Ivus will remain immune to damage while Petrified. Dispatch all active Wisps to make Ivus end the Petrification.
  • Frost Breath - Inflicts 30 Frost damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
    • Frost Patch - You take 30 Frost damage every second you remain in the area and your movement speed is reduced by 20%.
  • Hurl Boulder - Hurls several boulders at random enemies, inflicting 30 Frost damage to players within 3 yards of their impact.
  • Shockwave - The caster slams the ground, sending a shockwave out in front of the caster that inflicts 30 Physical damage to all players caught in its path.
  • Lunar Strike - The caster calls down the power of the moon at random locations. Each point of impact creates a Lunar Rune that will expand rapidly after a few moments, inflicting 60 Arcane damage to all players caught in the rune.
  • Petrify - The caster enters a petrified state and calls forth a swarm of wisps to fight for them. While petrified, the caster is immune to all damage.
    Defeating all of the wisps will end the petrification effect.

Endgame Moves - Getting to Go
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Early this year, we kicked off our Opening Moves series, where we took a closer look at the early game of competitive World of Warcraft. We followed up in July with Midgame Moves. This week, to celebrate the end of the year, we’ve been bringing you Endgame Moves.

What do you do when you’re in dampening and you need that extra little push to secure the win? We talked to some of the top Arena pro players about what they do to close out a game.

Focus Down
Securing the endgame is first and foremost about regulating your own gameplay. “The focus points are without a doubt cooldowns, crowd control, and interrupts,” said 2018 BlizzCon champion Chuck “Cdew” Dewland.

Cooldowns especially are important. “Both offensively and defensively, [they] are going to be the main concern of every match,” he said. “Using defensive cooldowns properly is going to help you survive in intense situations.” Cdew said that focusing on yourself and your own play is vital as well. “Keep a level head and focus on your win condition,” he advised, noting that Rogues and Mages in particular should resist the urge to make flashy plays.

2017 BlizzCon champion Alex "Alec" Sheldrick agreed, talking about the importance of keeping a cool head. “In the end, the rules of WoW Arena are simple: do damage and don’t die,” he said. “Usually the team that does the most damage and [applies the most] pressure wins the game, not the team that crowd-controls the most.” Alec says it’s important to remember that crowd control is the means to an end, not an end in and of itself. “Crowd control enables your team to do more damage and makes enemies deal and heal less,” he said. “Make use of it.”

Go Time
So you’re focusing on keeping it simple and keeping track of cooldowns, crowd control, and interrupts—next is knowing when to go for the kill. This brings us to the concept of the “go.” The “go” is when the enemy team reaches a critical weak point, which is the perfect time to go all-in on taking them out.

Artur “Vilaye” Riabtchenko says that keeping track of when the enemy team is popping trinkets is vital. “[Watch for] bad usage of trinkets, so you can capitalize on it next go,” he said. Other things to keep top of mind include where an enemy is positioned, what defensive cooldowns they've used (especially their PvP trinket), and how much mana the opposing healer has, according to Cdew. “During a match, any one of these scenarios could help you lead to the ‘go’ to secure the win,” he said.

It’s worth noting that different classes could have very different “go” signals. “As a Frost Mage, my ‘go’ is very different than if I was a Fire Mage,” Alec said. “Frost Mages prey on immobile players stranded [in the] open field without mobility or clumped in a tight corner. As a Fire Mage, positioning is less relevant—you will focus more on trinkets and major defensive cooldowns, such as Ice Block.”

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this will help you both recognize and arrive at your own “go” in Arena. For more Endgame Moves, see our previous stories in the series—Lessons from Arena in 2018 and Going Fast in Mythic Plus dungeons. Return tomorrow as we examine at how kills are secured via different comps and combos.

Dark Legacy Comics #660
DLC #660 has been released.


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