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Mechagon Guide - July 8th, 2019

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Mechagon Guide - July 8th, 2019
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Today's Constructions
  • Drill Rigs
  • Reclamation Rig

Notable Quests
  • Mechagon Isle
    • Bots Gone Wild - Cave by Rustfeather's Hill
    • Discs of Norgannon - Rustbolt Visitor Daily
    • Go for the Gold - Western Spray while on the quest Pirates, Sea Monsters, Robots.
    • More Power - Rustbolt Honored Daily
    • Pirates, Sea Monsters, Robots - Rustbolt
    • The Family Jewels - Western Spray while on the quest Pirates, Sea Monsters, Robots.
    • Rustbolt Requisitions: Frenzied Fangtooth - Flight Point
    • Bot Rampage (A) / Unsafe Work Conditions (H) - Flight Point
  • Alternate Future - Must use Personal Time Displacer
    • Adapt, Improve, Overcome! - Rustbolt
      • The Final Act - Given after completing previous quest
    • Be Kind, Rewind - Open the Armored Vaultbot in the alternate future after killing The Rusty Prince for the day.

Notable Unique Rares
These rares are only available during certain criteria! Be sure to look out for them today if you need them. For a complete guide on Mechagon rares, visit our Mechagon Rares Guide!


  • Boilburn (3)
  • Earthbreaker Gulroc (9)
  • Caustic Mechaslime (6)
  • Gemicide (14)
  • Gorged Gear-Cruncher (15)
  • Ol' Big Tusk (23)
  • Doppel Ganger (32)
  • The Kleptoboss (33)

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