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Shadowlands - New Character Customization Preview

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Shadowlands Prepatch - New Customization Preview
One of the most anticipated things coming with the pre-patch is a host of new customization options for our characters. Below is a highlight of the most impactful additions to each race and some previews. For a full extent of what is available, check out MrGM's complete racial breakdown video playlist below!

New Character Creation Screen

newcharacterscreen01.jpg newcharacterscreen02.jpg

New Character Creation Class Poses
Each class now has an animated pose on the character creation screen.

creationPoseUpdate01.jpg creationPoseUpdate02.jpg creationPoseUpdate03.jpg creationPoseUpdate04.jpg
creationPoseUpdate05.jpg creationPoseUpdate06.jpg creationPoseUpdate07.jpg creationPoseUpdate08.jpg
creationPoseUpdate09.jpg creationPoseUpdate10.jpg creationPoseUpdate11.jpg creationPoseUpdate12.jpg

General Customization Changes for All Races

  • You can now change your appearance and gender a the barbershop.
  • Druids can change their shapeshift appearances at the barbershop.
  • Face options and eye color have been separated. You may now choose from a large amount of eye colors separate from your face, including blind options and scars for many races!
    • Nightborne seem to be the only race excluded from these options as of now.
    • Dark Iron Dwarves also did not receive this update as they only have one eye color option, being on fire!
  • Most of the core races have many new skin color options, faces, hair styles, and beards.
  • Bald option for all races and genders.



  • Addition of many face and skin color options to reflect much more diversity in appearance.
  • Addition of a face shape toggle - Narrow, Wide, or Long.
  • Male
    • Mustache, Beard, Sideburns, and eyebrows can all be customized separately with new options.
  • Female
    • Eyebrows can now be customized separately with new options.
    • Addition of Makeup, piercings, and necklace options.

humanexamples01.jpg humanexamples02.jpg humanexamples03.jpg
humanexamples04.jpg humanexamples05.jpg humanexamples06.jpg

  • Addition of customizable tattoos and tattoo colors, as well as piercings with options for feathers.

customexamples001.jpg customexamples002.jpg customexamples003.jpg
customexamples004.jpg customexamples005.jpg customexamples006.jpg

Night Elves
  • Addition of option to add vines and leaves to hair with different colors.
  • Addition to add scars or burns to face.
  • Addition of Tattoo options.
  • Addition of several variations of ears.
  • Customize eyebrows separately.
  • Male
    • Ability to customize sideburns, mustache, and beard separately, with some beards containing vines or leaves.
    • Addition of option for a blindfold.
  • Female
    • Addition of headdresses, earrings, nose rings, and necklaces.

customexamples007.jpg customexamples008.jpg customexamples009.jpg
customexamples010.jpg customexamples011.jpg customexamples012.jpg

  • Male
    • Ability to customize mustache, beard, and eyebrows separately with new options.
  • Female
    • Ability to customize earrings and earing color with new options.

customexamples013.jpg customexamples014.jpg customexamples015.jpg
customexamples016.jpg customexamples017.jpg customexamples018.jpg

  • Ability to customize horns and tendrils separately with new options.
  • Ability to choose tail length.
  • Ability to customize jewelry color.
  • Ability to add and customize a head circlet.
  • Male
    • Ability to customize beard separate from tendrils with new options.
    • Option for horn coverings with certain hair styles.
  • Female
    • Ability to customize tail jewelry.

customexamples019.jpg customexamples020.jpg customexamples021.jpg
customexamples022.jpg customexamples023.jpg customexamples024.jpg

  • Ability to customize human form separately from Worgen form, including all the additions to the regular human model.

customexamples025.jpg customexamples026.jpg customexamples027.jpg
customexamples028.jpg customexamples029.jpg customexamples030.jpg

Void Elves
  • Option to select Blood elf skin colors as well as previous options.

customexamples031.jpg customexamples032.jpg customexamples033.jpg
customexamples034.jpg customexamples035.jpg customexamples036.jpg

  • Lightforged Draenei
    • Male
      • Ability to customize beard and tendrils separately
  • Dark Iron Dwarves
    • No Changes
  • Kul Tiran Humans
    • Male
      • Ability to customize beard and mustache separately
  • Mechagnomes
    • Addition of new regular gnome skin color options


  • Male
    • Ability to customize eyebrows, mustache, and beard separately with new options
  • Female
    • Ability to customize tail separately from skin color

pandaexamples001.jpg pandaexamples002.jpg pandaexamples003.jpg
pandaexamples004.jpg pandaexamples005.jpg pandaexamples006.jpg


  • Addition of Tattoos and war paints with customizable colors
  • Addition of scars
  • Addition of Nose Rings with new options and colors
  • Male
    • Ability to customize beard and sideburns separately with new options
    • Addition of Grime to eyes or mouth
    • Customize tusks with new options
  • Female
    • Addition of Earrings and necklaces

hordexamples001.jpg hordexamples002.jpg hordexamples003.jpg
hordexamples004.jpg hordexamples005.jpg hordexamples006.jpg

  • Ability to choose level of rot - bones, rotted, and fresh

hordexamples007.jpg hordexamples008.jpg hordexamples009.jpg
hordexamples010.jpg hordexamples011.jpg hordexamples012.jpg

  • Addition of Foremane customization
  • Addition of Face paint, headdresses, necklaces, and flowers with color variations.
  • Addition of customizable body paint with color variations.
  • Female
    • Addition of Earrings

hordexamples013.jpg hordexamples014.jpg hordexamples015.jpg
hordexamples016.jpg hordexamples017.jpg hordexamples018.jpg

  • Addition of Face paint, earrings, and piercings with color variations.
  • Addition of body paint with color variations.

hordexamples019.jpg hordexamples020.jpg hordexamples021.jpg
hordexamples022.jpg hordexamples023.jpg hordexamples024.jpg

Blood Elves
  • Addition of ear length - small, medium, large
  • Female
    • Addition of necklaces, armbands, and bracelets with customizable colors.

hordexamples025.jpg hordexamples026.jpg hordexamples027.jpg
hordexamples028.jpg hordexamples029.jpg hordexamples030.jpg

  • Ability to customize chin and nose
  • Ability to select nose rings, earrings, and jewelry color.

hordexamples031.jpg hordexamples032.jpg hordexamples033.jpg
hordexamples034.jpg hordexamples035.jpg hordexamples036.jpg

  • Nightborne
    • No Changes
  • Highmountain Tauren
    • No Changes aside from eye color separation
  • Mag'har Orcs
    • Male
      • Ability to customize beard and sideburns separately
      • Tusk customization
    • Female
      • New necklaces and nose ring
  • Zandalari Trolls
    • Can customize ear gauges separately from earrings
  • Vulpera
    • No changes aside from eye color separation

Full Customization Videos
If you would like to view the full extent of the customization options available to each race, check out MrGM's video playlist below!

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