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Patch 9.1 PTR - Sylvanas Weapon Model Updates, Chapter 3 Main Campaign

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Patch 9.1 PTR - Sylvanas Weapon Model Updates
The latest update to the PTR has changed the models for both the bow and dagger that drops from the Sylvanas encounter in the Sanctum of Domination raid.



Patch 9.1 PTR - Main Story Campaign Chapter 3
Today we are previewing Chapter 3 of the Chains of Domination main story campaign. *Spoilers Ahead*

  • With the Primus free, he now suggests that we take Helya and Vyraz by surprise as they have retreated within the walls of Desmotaeron and have grown lax in their expected safety. Draka suggests we secure the area to summon the Zerekriss. Thrall asks to accompany the mission and Draka allows it, seemingly unknowing that Thrall is her son.
  • Upon arrival, we need to kill Helsworn Soulbreakers, summon 4 death gates, and look for Thrall's axe, Dra'gora. As you progress, Draka notices that Thrall is wearing the armor of Orgrim Doomhammer. Upon retrieving the axe, she also comments that its name means "Draenor's Honor. A fitting name for a worthy weapon." Thrall also asks her about her life as a Frostwolf.
  • You then summon the Zerekriss, and use it to bombard the area to allow the Covenant forces to advance, allowing you an opportunity to slay Ironkeeper Salryx.
  • Afterward, you find a fallen Forsworn who says he tried to escape after Helya started forcing the power of the Maw on them. He asks you to free his brethren while you also slay minions of Helya.
  • Finally, you ascend to find Vyraz asking for Helya's aid against the Covenant forces. She berates him before noticing you. She then grants him her boon, but the Primus teleports in and also grants you power. A fight ensues and you eventually kill Vyraz and leave through a portal. Helya teleports away when the fight starts.
  • Draka tells Thrall he fought well, calling him Go'el. Thrall is shocked that she knew who he was this whole time and she says they will speak upon their return to Keeper's Reprise.
  • When you approach, you witness the two's conversation:
    • Draka - "I knew who you were the moment I saw you. Do you really think I wouldn't recognize Durotan's eyes? You were but a babe when I died. Tell me, who have you grown to be?
    • Thrall - "I was once Warchief of the Horde, a shaman of the Earthen Ring--"
    • Draka - "That is who you were. Who are you now?"
    • Thrall - "I...am uncertain. Much has happened in my life. I do not know where it will lead next."
    • Draka - "A lesson, then. Not from mother to child, but from one similar soul to another. Remember who you were, but take pride in who you are. I once thought death was the end. But now, as a warrior of Maldraxxus, I see that it was only the beginning. It brings me joy to see how far you have come. And I know you have much farther to go."
    • Thrall - "Thank you...mother. I will make you proud."
    • Draka - "Come. I wish to know more of your life. All of it."

chapter3chains01.jpg chapter3chains02.jpg chapter3chains03.jpg chapter3chains04.jpg chapter3chains05.jpg
chapter3chains06.jpg chapter3chains07.jpg chapter3chains08.jpg chapter3chains09.jpg chapter3chains10.jpg
chapter3chains11.jpg chapter3chains12.jpg chapter3chains13.jpg chapter3chains14.jpg chapter3chains15.jpg
chapter3chains16.jpg chapter3chains17.jpg chapter3chains18.jpg chapter3chains19.jpg chapter3chains20.jpg
chapter3chains21.jpg chapter3chains22.jpg chapter3chains23.jpg chapter3chains24.jpg chapter3chains25.jpg

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